Madcatz TE Sticks limited?

I am new to the whole joystick scene and SF4 has interested me enough to not only invest in these high end sticks but I am building a cabinet and what not in hopes to replicate something along the lines of the vewlix cabinet that is in japan.

I have bought everything except for the sticks.

I wish I knew I had planned to do this a couple months ago because I would have had no problem putting up 300 for two of the TE sticks(xbox360) but now that I just got into the whole competitive SF or fighting games scene in general, they are out of stock and I have been told they are limited edition and will not be made for retail after they fill all the pre-orders.

I have never been that great at making things so creating a custom stick is out of the question. I rather just buy two of something. Im disappointed that their is not a larger market for this and the fact that most sticks are sold out or not even released in the US is frustrating.

So is there any hope that the TE sticks will be sold main-stream retail or at least online for non-preorder after they fill all the pre-orders. If not then what sticks should I look at, im willing to spend 150/ea but it needs to be legit.


Dude there’s an entire thread about TE sticks stickied at the top of this sub-forum

I’m not 100% sure, but from what I can remember, MC will continue to make SE and TE sticks as long as there’s a demand for them.

You can build a cabinet but not a stick?? Did I miss something here?

You know, Street Fighter IV was released on home game systems so people didn’t have to get a monstrous cabinet to be able to play the game. Seriously, what is the point of that? Are you really going to make some awful wooden “MEGA ST. FIGHTER 4” cabinet in which you will place a game system, TV, copy of SF4, and “mount” two commercial sticks? There is a simpler and more comfortable way of playing the damned game…

Not to even mention the fact that if you made a “cabinet” for the game, you should be looking for separate sticks and buttons to install in it, and not some commercial stick.

I want to see this cabinet of yours. Pics plz.

About $14,000 less?

Way to use completely nonsensical logic in response there, friend.

My point wasn’t that making a cabinet on your own costs less than buying the cabinet from Capcom, but that there is no need for a cabinet at all when PS3 and 360 releases of said game exist. And don’t even try to defend the idea of making a homemade cabinet in which a game system, TV and copy of SF4 are haphazardly mounted and two commercial sticks are hanging off the front with nails and screws.


There are many people who have made/are making MAME cabinets. Pretty much the same thing here. I don’t get your point? Some people like the arcade feel, you don’t.

Also, way to find the worst pic you could. Because obviously they will all look like that.

hahaha i love your sig!

I do like the feel of the arcade. I get more into fighting games when im standing and the arcade provides this feeling. I am always playing games and dozing off because im too comfortable sitting. I live in a decent city and no one has a clue that you could actually buy a joystick and play it let alone how big the fighting game scene is.

I am not building some huge bulky looking wood cabinet, mine is simple and modern. Once I have everything complete I will be glad to post pictures. If I had 15k, I would easily throw it down for one of the vewlix’s…

The TE’s have screw holes on the bottom of where their feet would be if you put them on, so if they are not they can be mounted to a table or something. That is exactly what I plan on doing. When people think of arcade they think big bulky wooden pacman and I plan on building something fitting to the modern generation. (metal, vinyl… etc.)

I only concern was to be able to buy a TE… eventually.