MadCatz TE Top Plate Durability

I beat the crap out of my TE stick…

Anyway, what material is the top plate and will it last? How durable is it, any warping issues? Can it be bent back if it ever gets out of shape from all the smacks it gets when playing?


Pretty sure he’s talking about the metal under that.

Yeah, I’ve seen those and might eventually get them. But like RichL said, I’m asking about the durability of the plate… I will keep it stock for a long time.

thats plexiglas is that included in the TE or SE or not on both

There’s no reason for that mod if it was part of the package.

so im guessing not >.< plexiglas in the TE looks much nicer and cleaner

I have heavy hands( they are huge) and I haven’t had any warping as of yet. Don’t worry about it unless you gorilla slam your stick after you lose…or win! rofl