Madcatz TE vanilla sf4 edition on PC

Hello! As stated in the title, i have a vanilla sf4 edition of a MC TE and I’m trying to use it on my pc. Im running W10 home ed 64 bit and i have intel chipset on my mobo. When i plug it in, the stick gets recognized as “PC USB wired stick 8838” but the inputs dont get recognized when im testing it.

Ps3 version? What chipset do u have exactly?

Also tried these?

intel h97.

You’re SOL with that stick on PC. You’ll have to put in a new PCB. The cheapest option is a “Zero Delay Encoder” and can be found on eBay for about $12-$15.


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Have u tried that driver i posted?


Yeah i did. nothing happened. lol SOL indeed

will keep it in mind. thanks very much!