Madcatz TE vs chinese sanwa custom

Hey guys,

I’m in Australia and I have a dilemma. I currently have the option of buying a brand new Madcatz TE (360) for $320 AUD including shipping.

But, I have recently checked out a tread regarding chinese made full sanwa parts joystick and they look quite good:

It can be had for around (an estimate) $200 AUD including shipping.

Now I would like to get some advice on which one to buy.

They will both have Sanwa joystick and buttons. Both will be heavy (2kg+).

Chinese one is wood (albeit cheap wood probably). TE is metal and plastic (right?).

There’s a chance the chinese one might have dodgy wiring and/or build quality. The TE is a sure bet. However the Chinese one cost more than $100 less. The TE will cost more than what I paid for my 360.

I’m not sure which one to get, your thoughts are appreciated.


Wow those do look nice, both full sanwa…hmm well I know the TE if easily customizable. It also has a name backing it. Like you said the guts on the chinese one and the pcb may be shady…Id say go with the TE if your looking for reliability and if you can find one nowadays.

Sorry, but I’m not too familiar with the Aussie exchange rate. How much above MSRP are you gonna be paying for the TE stick? Especially now that production is starting to catch up again, I wouldn’t pay more than retail price for one. The Chinese stick might be a better deal, especially if you’re the sort of person that likes having a fixer-upper sort of project. I have had way more fun with my SE than I would have had with a TE, just because I got to pick out new buttons and stick, paint it, get custom artwork, etc. The TE is awesome right out of the box, but that means you aren’t gonna be too compelled to customize it and make it your own unique stick.

My advice is to get the TE or a custom.

The Chinese joystick is cheap wood and the bottom part of the case is thin plastic.

Yeh, I’m paying about $60 more than if I pre ordered from JB when it was available (ie. $260 AUD inc shipping). But this will be like the last stick in my state until probably late june shipment (and even then I’m not sure if I’ll be seeing $260 price on them). By the way I forgot to mention that yes I can get a TE stick because the shop I ordered from has placed a hold for me until Tuesday, but I can cancel the order since I have not paid anything yet.

I am compelled by the customization of the chinese stick, but apparently it doesn’t come with a bracket for the joystick - it’s just screwed straight on to the top wood panel. Is that a big problem?

And yes, if I do get the TE I’d probably leave it alone unless something breaks, and maybe change the artwork. Which is also a good thing because I can spend that time playing the actual game.

Hey jeenyus, I saw your posts in the other thread, I hope everything has been sorted out for your DOA stick.

Since you have firsthand experience, I’m inclined to listen to your advice. But do note the price difference of more than $100 AUD.

Also, regarding customs from SRK, it’ll probably cost more than the TE and I may have to wait months until it gets done (in which case the TE might be readily available before then for a cheaper price). So is it really a good option for me?

I’d just buy the TE. You’re better off spending the money and getting something nice than spending a bit less and getting a pile of junk that may or may not be easy to fix if it breaks. The TE has so many owners and if something goes out, you know that youll have a huge support base to help you fix it.

On top of that, you don’t actually know if what you get from a Chinese import is really Sanwa. So much pirated junk comes out of there that I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually Sunwoos are Sanwangs. I’ve had some bad experiences with counterfeit items coming out of HK and China, particularly a Memory Stick Pro Duo that said “Horny” instead of Sony.

This would be worth paying extra for, I think.

i will recommend to get the MadCatz TE stick, dont worry about the money it will come back to you

LOL “Wanna see my horny pro duo?”

But I do get what you mean, it is the reason I have not yet bought the chinese stick even though I saw it a few weeks ago when the TE stick was nowhere to be found.

Lol I wish money was like a boomerang, I’d be a rich man. A filthy, happy, rich man.

But yes, I think I’ve decided on the TE.

Only one more question remains. Do I get it for a little bit expensive now or wait a couple of months when the stock catches up and buy it at the normal retail price?

To be honest, all my friends have ps3s. So I don’t get to vs them online anyways. I’ll probably mod the TE with a Chtulu board so I can use it on thier ps3 on a SF4 night haha.

So wait till end of june or just buy now?

Yea it’s sorted out. Great seller but not so great product.

To be honest I really don’t see the Madcatz stick ever being made to the point where the demand is satisfied (at retail level at least)

I have a feeling that the sticks are going to jump back up each time a major fighter comes out this year. Heck, by the time June rolls around, you’ll prolly have already spent your money.

Though then again, I couldn’t wait and bought one on Ebay for 350 US, only to get one in the mail that had a busted button and was scratched all over.

Hmmm, I think eventually it will, end of 2009 maybe. There are just so many new fighters coming out this year. SF4, Tekken 6, KOF 12 and the rumoured marvel vs capcom 2 HD remix (amoungst the many other speculated HD remixes).

yeh, like I said above I do see that happening too.

I feel sorry for you mate. Ebay is full of people trying to take advantage of desperate warriors like us :slight_smile: but I won’t run in to that problem since I’m buying from a proper shop. Did you get a refund though?

So I guess I have been convinced of getting the TE.

I know that there’s a thread with different artwork layout and such here. But I wonder if there’s a way to apply it without plexiglass?

looks good but when you add shipping to Australia the plexiglass becomes quite expensive. And there has already been a case of the plexiglass cracking under pressure.

I wonder if there are other, just as good looking alternatives?

DUDE! I’m from Australia too, got a stick pre-ordered for June…how are you getting one now? What state are you in?

lol i meant was for money coming back is if you work then you get paid thats what i meant (>.<) hmm buying the TE or later is all up to you but remember the TE is a “LIMITED” edition, thats what they say im hoping they remove the limited thing and make it a normal product thats not limited

I’m in VIC, gamesmen got the june batch early apparently and so they have a few extra for sale. Check it out and see if you can still get your hands on one. It’s $299+ $21 shipping. They are in Sydney, so if you’re in Sydney as well you can pick up to save $21 I think.

How much and where did you pre order from?

Yeh, I knew what you were talking about.

And I always thought the “limited” was lifted as soon as they announced for more to be made? Madcatz said something about making as much as demand did they not? Not so limited anymore is it? (understandable though as it’s so popular and for the first time they make a product that sells out hahaha)

hey mate,

just saw the gamesmen ad before you posted…you must’ve got it for 360. I pre-ordered from them but for the ps3 version, so unfortunately I gotta wait until June :frowning:

Yeh, I did say 360 in my first post :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways from what I can read on forums and what not there is more demand for the PS3 version than the 360 version.

But to be honest I think it is easier to make a dual PCB TE with a 360 version. Simply add a Cthulhu in and you’re good to go. If you go with the PS3 version, you’d have to hack a 360 controller, probably need to solder and work with small points.

That’s if you want dual PCB anyway. Good luck with your TE.

Thanks mate, no need for dual PCB…I’ve only got a ps3 and will only be playing on ps3. Really not interested in modding or building anything, hence why I bought this…a quality stick straight out of the box. Plus, spending $320, then another $45 USD for a cthulu board, then spend time modding and void warranty…no thanks haha. I’ve given up trying to find alternative sticks to tide me over until my TE comes. Not worth spending so much money. I’m not a hardcore fighting game fan like some people on here, so I can’t justify spending so much on controllers (I’ve seen people on here with like 4-5 different arcade sticks lol). I was going to buy a pair of Nubytech SFAC sticks and mod them, but decided to pass coz I really don’t like bat top sticks and I was basically paying for wooden boxes since I would be stripping the guts out entirely and swapping with Happ parts and cthulhu board. I’ll just wait for the TE.

Anyways dude, enjoy your TE! Those chinese sticks look nice and I was considering one as a second stick and to hold me over until my TE comes but you just don’t know what the build quality is like on those…not worth the risk.

hmm if they lifted the limited thing because the demand is high its a good thing well in business more demand means more supply and also there is a possibility that the price will go down

Madcatz did say they will continue to produce enough TE sticks so that everyone who wants one will get one. To be honest, I would have preferred it to be limited…makes it more valuable.