Madcatz TE vs HRAP EX/ HRAP3 w/Sanwa?

Sorry if this may have been brought up in another thread, but with the search function down I don’t have a lot of time to browse through all the threads at work.

Just curious on thoughts from those with a TE, or have tried the TE and have also had hands on with a HRAP swapped with Sanwa buttons.

Being unable to grab a TE, I got my HRAP EX with Sanwa buttons on the way. I have to say the HRAP is a beast and just one freakin awesome stick.

With that in mind, I’m curious just how much I may be missing out from the TE, considering it’s labeled as Sticks of all sticks, and it’s Markman’s design.

And with Ebay selling TE’s for a little under $400… yeahhhh, not going there. Thanks to the bastards who got the sticks just to resell, leaving less for those of us who really wanted the stick.

Preferably answers from those who have had hands on with both sticks… not just speculation. Thanks!

Thanks for your input.

I guess the question then is how much more would one want to mod the TE? It’s already got everything Sanwa. I guess there will be another thread for that so I’ll keep a lookout.

And frankly I didn’t find opening the HRAP to be difficult, albeit a little more time consuming.

And when you say better PCB, is it better quality perse, or easier to mod because the HRAP PCB doesn’t have a common ground?

Thanks! Still learning a lot about sticks.

I have both the HRAP3 with ALL sanwa buttons mods and TE for 360. I prefer the look and feel of the TE. TE is slightly flatter than HRAP3 and wider which IMHO is more comfortable to use for me. If Hori can trim the height of the HRAPs a little bit, then it would be hard to say which one is better.

Other’s already pointed out the PCB differences and button layout, so I won’t go into those areas.

i have a question…whats going to happen if i plug in the HRAP EX into the PS3…is it going to work???

I also got a HRAP EX mostly because I got tired of wating for the TE stick to come in. It’s really nice and I actually like the button layout much more than the TE one. As for the buttons, I don’t really have an problem with the stock HORI buttons so I’ll probably hold off on upgrading to Sanwa/Seimitsu until the stock ones break.

If its meant for Xbox…its only going to work for Xbox…I dont think they made it cross compatible.

I love my TE stick, the feel and spacing is great. Granted that I didnt like the hand spacing at first (I was really used to a Hori EX2 for Xbox) i liked the spacing there, but now I like the TE stick a lot. Heavy and sturdy and the parts feel fantastic.

hit the nail on the head with this post… i popped mine open and i didnt even have to have prior modding experience to get straight to work on it… the only complaint i have against my TE is that the stick is just a tad too close to the button layout for my taste(ive heard that they based that width on the real arcade but im not sure) but all in all its a rly great stick


It is close like that on the HRAPs too, unless you’re using the 6 buttons on the right, like with an HRAP1 or something. You get used to it.

Have HRAP EX, TE and HRAP 3. I love them all but when i finally got my hands on a TE stick it slightly does edge out the others. Minor difference so as long as you mod some Sanwa buttons on the HRAPs to come close but I wouldn’t go on Ebay and buy a TE for $300+…no way. Another underrated feature is that cord compartment. Man, I hate the HRAP cords sticking out the back.

Yeah, that cord compartment definitely is a great addition. With the HRAPs, I just use velcro ties, and velcro it to back so it doesn’t fly around when carrying it.

one thing I’m worried about are the MC’s PCBs. Hori’s have been tested and proven throughout time. Just hope MC pcb’s don’t just die on you in a few months.

Good point. Good thing I have a HRAP EX as back up!LOL.

But I’m still jealous you got a TE :pray:

One thing different about them is the angle of the buttons, the way they arc. I prefer the TE as it doesn’t arc down at the right.

I own both and like them both very much. I have 1 TE for Xbox 360, 1 TE for PS3 and HRAP3 with sanwa buttons also for my PS3. They both feel great and when I play my PS3, I use my HRAP3 since it’s compatible with PS2 games. (Gradius 3, 4 and 5, Raiden III etc.)