Madcatz TE (With Mc Cthulhu) problem

Hello everyone,

I got my stick modded recently at Summer Jam by Gummowned and everything was good, but then I dropped it hard. There seems to be a few problem with it now:

  1. If I press home while in game, I can’t scroll in any direction through the XMB menu on PS3, also I can’t go back from home unless I unplug the stick and reconnect it.

  2. At times the stick will cut off while playing or in the XMB menu.

  3. There seems to be lag when scrolling through the XMB, kind of like when you set the stick to Left stick.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with using the stick gameplay wise. Anyone know what is wrong or that can repair this?

  1. Something is loose.
  2. USB cord wire could be loose too
  3. Set the stick to DP

Whats wrong, hard to say with out seeing it.

Would pictures of the inside help? What would be the part that effects the PS3 side of things. I have tested it on the PS2 and everything seems fine for that, I have not been able to test it on a 360 because I don’t have one.

Also, with the lag I have the stick set to DP and it doesn’t seem to change anything