Madcatz TE1 qestions


Hi guys.

I have some questions about the TE1 fight stick.

I have seen a SF4 one that I am interested in. But I would be getting it to be a modded custom stick. So I wanted to know if you can remove the white side panels. And if you did does the sides of the stick look decent without them.

There is a red bezel around the art work. Can that be left off and if it can, is there a groove or something that will look ugly without it. Or does it serve any purpose other than a cosmetic one.

Is the artwork stuck down or does it just lift up when the plexi is removed. ( I have seen images on Google where there is a clear plexi over the art work. But some make it seem like the original artwork isn’t under a plexi, making it seem the clear plexi is an aftermarket piece perhaps.)

Google images brings up many images labeled TE1 that aren’t the TE1. So trying to figure this out just by looking at random pictures is irritating the crap out of me.

So if anybody has a TE1 and doesn’t mind, could you please post some pics here of the stick with the side panels off, if they are removable. And what it looks like without the red bezel.

And lastly, I have found Arcade World UK. They have the buttons I am looking for. But they don’t do to much in the way of custom ball tops. So does anybody know somewhere in the UK that I can get some sweet balls. It has to be the UK as I am in another country but have a mate there who can bring them over when he visits. Importing will just screw me when I have to pay duties and possibly a bribe to get them released.

Thanks guys. Really appreciate any help on this.


you’re probably looking for this forum:


My bad, I totally am. Had a bunch of windows open and posted in the wrong one.