Madcatz TE2+ Connectivity Issues

Is anyone else having issues with their Madcatz TE2/TE2+? I bought a TE2 previous to my TE2+ but never used it enough to experience this, but now less than 2 months after getting my TE2+ it randomly disconnects, drops inputs, and stays lit up but unusable at times. I noticed that changing the way the wire hangs usually affects this problem. I assume it is either the cable or the connector but if this thing was designed to be unplugged several times for transportation this shouldn’t be happening.

I am thinking its one of two issues that is relativity easy to fix.

  1. Static electricity.
  2. Damaged USB cable

Static is a easy enough fix, you need to attach a wire from ground to your metal top panel. One of the screws from the Joystick mount would work. If nothing else the GND or shield GND of your USB cord is a good place to tap to ground out your top panel. Since static is just electricity, and electricity always takes the path of least resistance, providing a path for that static to dissipate.

For number 2, this is easy enough on most sticks, but the TE2 makes this a bit harder and there multiple ways to fix this.

I want to say what you are describing sounds like a busted USB cord (ether Data+ or Data - is having intermediate connections) and not static but on the TE2 its easier to check for static first then the busted USB cord as the TE2 has that weird connector. I don’t know where to source a replacement TE2 cord, but some people removed that connector for a standard USB B type jack.

Today im having same problem, my TE2+ stops working randomly.

Instead of hijacking other people’s questions/threads you should of taken your issue to the following thread

It also applies to the OP as well but I figured we can use a thread that shows up on searches.

Go over there and describe all your symptoms and issues in the most detail you can.

Most common issue is USB cord being damaged from being improperly wrapped up.
Others include static.

I tried your first suggestion @Darksakul but that did not work. I believe that it is indeed more likely an issue with the cable and or port. While I could easily replace said port as a consumer I feel as if I should not have to modify my product for it to work correctly.
Also if you don’t mind my intention for this post was to gather several other people that were having this issue. If this is the wrong place for this let me know and I will move it elsewhere. Anyway, I have scanned twitter looking for other people talking about this problem and consumers typically ask Madcatz if they are selling the “pro cable” so that they may purchase another one. Madcatz typically responds “the pro cable is not for sale at this time”. I assume that means that they do not produce enough to sell replacements at this time. The issue is several people in my community and others I have spoken to online are having this issue. I want to make sure that this is something that cannot be ignored if Madcatz chooses to take a shady approach on fixing this product.

Essentially I want to make sure the voices of TE2/TE2+ owners with pro cable/port issues are compiled to protect us from being screwed over aka having to buy a new stick or wait to buy a replacement part for something we never damaged.

@Subutai_HD do you know of anyone else having this issue? if so send them here.

Your concerns are valid but nothing new, people here at Tech Talk are very aware of the short comings of the TE2 for a long time.
We actually have a long running Mad Catz TE 2 thread for this very reason, were all the pros and cons are explored to minute detail.
Also please keep in mind That Tech Talk is very much a DIY Forum and modifying is pretty much our motto.

Actually our motto is literally “Warranty Voided” (as modifying tends to do).
If you don’t want to void your Warranty,and if it is still valid make use of it.