Madcatz TE2 Down input not working


The down input for my Madcatz Tournament Edition Round 2 is not working. I thought it’s the microswitch so i bought myself a new sanwa stick which has 4 new microswitches, but that didn’t fix it. Anyone knows what might be causing this problem?

Here’s some pictures.


Is the harness in all the way in the correct orientation?


Yes, i even tried switching it up just to make sure.


How/when did it start happening? Is this the first time you’ve opened the stick up?


Yes, it’s the first time i opened it up. It happened after i left SF5 on for 2 hours in training mode, after i came back the down input wasn’t working.


It doesn’t work at all? Have you tested the stick on other platforms like PC, PS3, etc.?


Just the down input. Sorry forgot to mention i tested it on ps3 and ps4.


Check continuity on the wire with a multimeter.


I don’t have a multimeter… x_x


Just a quick update. Turns out the problem was the broken pcb board, i had to get a new one.


How did you came to that conclusion?


PS3 TE Round 2, weird :s


By replacing literally everything inside the box.


Was this TE2 modded or completely stock? If it was stock why didn’t you just RMA it?


Warranty period ended long time ago. It’s a ps3 stick.