MadCatz TE2+ (PS4) - A piece of crap?


I recently started with BemUs and started to looking for an Arcadestick. I am highly infected with all this modding talk here.

Anyway, in Germany they recently released the MadCatz TE2+ and I have it at home along with a HRAP VLX 4, still to decide which one to keep. At the moment it’s the TE2+ with Hayabusa stick modding. Anyway, my first thoughts on the TE2+ were: What a quality piece of stick. It’s sturdy, build from high quality components and easy to mod.

And then I read the reviews on and now I am confused. There are two 5-star-ratings, praising the high quality of the stick, but also 3 1-star-ratings blaming the stick for its really cheap building and the weak creaking case.

How comes the impressions are so far apart? Am I totally unaware of quality?

Why are you reading reviews, like you said you own the stick and like it.

It uses quality parts. If you like the feel and features of the case, ignore complainers.

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Reviews on Amazon can be written by anyone, unsurprisingly most of Amazon Reveiwers are not that knowledgeable.

It’s the lock mechanism that causes the creaking, not the case or the plexi. Everything is built solid. The 2 halves of the lock mechanism are made from plastic with a gloss finish and when the lid is closed, they rub together witch causes the creaking noise. You can fix this creaking with a bit of tape, see my [thread](Mad Catz TE2+ Creeking Noise Fix

Bought the stick last weekend but haven’t had a chance to properly play it. First impressions - buttons and stick feel good, and the case is fine for being plastic.

But it is plastic. Having played an etokki Omni for the past 3 years, and the red VLX before that, it does feel a little cheap in that regard.

I received mine today and have been putting it through the paces. I have no issues with it at the moment. It’s a solid stick. No creaking either but I’m playing with it in my lap.

I agree with that. I could compare it directly to a Kuro VLX and the VLX is the better case, but other parts of it feel cheaper compared to the TE2+ (cable’s case, buttons besides the Kuros). But the case of a VLX is rock solid, because that’s, what makes them special, if you ask me.

I think I will keep the TE2+, because I just like it better, but maybe I will mod it with Hayabusa-Parts, since I like the stick more and maybe the buttons, once I can get a hold of them here in Germany.

Recent Madcatz products have been kangaroo turds, stay away until further notice.