MadCatz TE2 Trigger Problems

So with the hype of the Xbone drivers I played some SSFIV on my PC and noticed my trigger buttons weren’t working. I went through some troubleshooting and it’s the PCB that isn’t working. Does anybody know if MadCatz will replace just the PCB? I’m currently in WI for the summer so I don’t have the Box it came with. Also it’s the KI Edition so I would want to make sure I get to keep it and not receive the standard edition.

It’s not the PCB. The drivers currently aren’t working for the triggers as far as I am aware. There has been word that padhacks of XBONE controllers with the triggers “fixed” are working just fine.

Awesome! Glad to know it isn’t a hardware issue. Hope they fix that soon :smiley: Thank you iNENDOi

We paid good money to play the only fighting game on XBOX One. It would be prudent for madcatz to release a driver with working triggers for Windows. Markman you want to chime in here?

MadCatz doesn’t handle the release of drivers. That falls to the console’s developer. In this case, Microsuck. Also, MadCatz made the XBONE TE2 for XBONE. You don’t need to dl a driver for a console. I’m not seeing how this driver having issues with triggers is effecting your ability to “play the only fighting game on XBOX One”. The driver that MS released is for PC. Are you lost?

Had the same thought when I read his post…

I’m not lost, I have a PC, it would be nice to get more use out of my fightstick other than playing KI on XBOX One ATM. Wouldn’t you as a consumer want that as well? I’m sure since Madcatz is partnered with Microsoft they can work with them in getting a fully functional driver for the KI TE2 that works on PC.

I completely disagree with your petty demands. You knowingly bough at Xbox One stick, not a PC stick and not a Dual-mode PC/Xbox One stick.

USB despite the name (universal serial bus) is not a universal format connector. Its only a open and commonly used connector so Microsoft do not have to spend money designing a priory plug.
There are a few hardware and software lock outs that keep the Xbox One working with other controllers and the Xbox One gamepad to work on other systems and the Xbox One version of the TE2 is no exception.

Mad Catz can only build and design the TE2’s electronics to Microsoft’s exact specifications for the Xbox One.
That said, Mad Catz agreement is only for the Xbox One as per Microsoft’s demands for the license to make a 3rd party Xbox One controller.
Any PC support (for the TE2) is a after though on Microsoft’s part. Since Mad Catz only intended the stick to work on the Xbox One, there no PC Windows tech support from Mad Catz.
And as this stick is made by Mad Catz and not Microsoft, Microsoft tech support will completely refuse to help you.

It is the Linksys router issue with the original Xbox all over again with Microsoft and Linksys refusing to help and stating its the responsibility of the other manufacturer.

Possible solutions

  1. Pad Hack a Xbox One Game pad
  2. Dual-Mod the TE2’s Xbone PCB with a PCB that more PC friendly (and you going to have to wait for the Xbone)
  3. Replace the stock Mad Catz PCB with a more PC friendly PCB.

Yeah sorry. We don’t do the drivers. MS is aware of the issue though, lots of people want their controllers to work with triggers too. But yeah, we don’t build our product for PC support, it is an additional bonus. But I understand your concern as a consumer and getting the most bang for your buck. Let’s hope it gets updated sooner than later!

Thanks Markman

Any news on this matter?

No. I honestly don’t think Microsoft cares enough to spend time and money on the drivers.

The PS3/PS4 version of the TE 2 works fine on PC.

Just swap LB and RT and you get 3 buttons per row.

Nobody needs more than 6 buttons on their arcade stick anyway.

Mate can u help me please im a bit of a noob and cant get my hori rap5 triggers working on pc, i tried swapping the LB and RT wires but RB just stops working altogether when i do this.

Way to bump an old thread to ask the same question that you made an entirely new thread for.

Make sure RB is properly connected and that you didn’t accidentally swap the wrong wires.

Also there no actual such thing as a Hori Rap 5, the V is for Vewlix Layout not a roman numeral 5
Some of the 3rd party sellers on Amazon and eBay also make this mistake