Madcatz Tornament Edition TE Raound 2 PCB died


As the title say, my Madcatz Tornament Edition TE Raound 2 PCB died, I connect it to the xbox or PC and it does nothing.

I had a Kitty TE mod on it.

I dont want to lose my loved arcade stick just becuase of this, what can you guys suggest me to do?

Thank you very much


Diagnosing it would be the first step. Easiest thing to check first would be the USB cable, as it’s possible that you have a severe break in the wiring in the USB, especially if you’re lazy about wrapping it up.

The next option is seeing if the PCB is burned out. If the PCB is receiving power and doesn’t respond, it’s most likely dead, and you’ll need to replace it.


I always wrapped the cable with love lol

I gonna test the connections that arrive to the PCB with a tester.

I friend gave me a PCB with a cable to set it in my still to play a tornament, the problem was fixed with that, so is the cable of the PCB (saying PCB I mean the one in the image below).

If it is the PCB, what can I do? is there a cheap Madcatz stick that I can buy to get a new PCB?