Madcatz Tournament Edition/dual modded/Art Plexi

Dual Mod TE with Seimitsu LS32-01. 6-buttons only. Art Plexi. Custom orange shaft cover. Wired with a Madcatz 4716 pad and start, home, guide functionality all works. Uses a dpdt switch. Asking $170 shipped or your stock TE plus $70 (includes shipping to you). If you’re local to Anaheim, CA i’ll trade you your stock TE (preferably PS3) plus $60. Let’s do this!

hey thats a nice stick

Very nice stick

I have seen the HRAP in person from this Cutie. :blush:

Where can I get that Versus City art?

tigerstyle, it’s posted in the HRAP template page in the tech talk. Found it:

Thank you very much! And good luck with the sale!

5AM Monday Morning Bump

5AM Wednesday Morning Bump

Included trade options and local pick up available.

No more trade option available. Pick up price + actual shipping will be available.

Lowered pick up price.

bumping this shit back up for a sick ass stick… I’ve seen this stick in person, and it functions 100% for both systems… someone needs to buy from this man because he knows how to take good care of everything he owns including fight sticks. He helps me do maint on my custom one and he always has it running flawlessly… That stick is a really good deal for $165 dual modded with ALL NEW SANWA PARTS! You can stick in any new art template you want! I’d buy this off of him in a heart beat if I had $$$

james is a good guy, someone pick this up, the man HAS TO GO TO EVO!

agreed!!! Guys, think about it. This is an HRAP3 that usually retails for around $150 with all sanwa parts and this is “LIKE NEW”, the plexi from Art’s is at least $20, the dual mod parts are at least $20-$25 plus time spent, its got two button plugs to keep the 6 button legit layout which is probably like $3 plus the maintenance on the stick and the time spent on completing and testing out the stick, that’s already over $200 + time on working on it to make it high quality and 100% functional. $165 is a great price for a custom HRAP3 all Sanwa Dual Mod. That’s like buying a brand new HRAP3 after taxes + shipping, which is $170 at least… and can only play on 1 system. SOMEONE PICK UP THIS SWEET ASS STICK. I KNOW I WOULD.

I would too if I had extra cash.

Thanks for the kind words guys. I appreciate it. Thank you SRK for the knowledge to execute the making of this awesome stick.

Back up.