Madcatz Tournament Edition Fightstick


Does anyone know where I can buy one of the Madcatz TE sticks? It’s like they discontinued it and I can’t find it online anymore. Or for a reasonable price.


We no longer have any of the original TE sticks. We’re all sold out of the following:

Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition
Street Fighter IV: Round 2 - Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 'S’
Marvel VS. Capcom Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition
Marvel VS. Capcom 3 Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition

We do however still have the MLG Arcade FightStick TE and SOULCALIBUR V Soul Edition. That’s all that’s left really. The rest are FightStick PROs or V.S…


I guess I’ll have to go with the MLG TE. Don’t really like the red and blue gloss but I guess I’ll have to mod it. Thank you for the response.


You no longer have the Soul Calibur 5 TE sticks?


^ Ah we do! I forgot. lol.


I’m a little curious, are the TE line out of production to make way for the FightStick Pro and VS line now?


Nope. Not that. We always make these sticks in batches. So once they are made, they are done. They just have to sell through.

We still have 2 different types of TE (MLG and SCV), and I think that’s a decent balance with the other sticks.


The sc5 soul edition is a fantastic alternative if you don’t like the mlg. Its also compatible with most all of the standard te parts if you’re in it for the form factor. It’s virtually identical too the te-s apart from the button layout.

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Thanks for the reply Markman! It’s too bad that the TE series were hard to come by back in the day or else I would have picked up a couple like the Blazblue(white 360) and the Femme Fatale editions…I may look into the SCV sometime soon, I dig the clear gray TE-S case but unfortunately the Noir layout kinda isn’t my cup of tea~


I take it you’re out of TvC sticks as well right? I know not TE, but still curious


If you don’t like the Noir layout, you can buy the stick and contact me and I can send you the top panel with the Viewlix layout from one of our other TE’s. I work at Mad Catz, btw. Just let me know and I can help you out.


Hi Leang.

Did Mark tell you to make account?


Hi James! No he didn’t. He’s going to SBO so I have to hold down the fort while he’s gone.


Hey userSDK, what do you think of the Razer arcade stick?


Just by coincident, I am picking up a Soul Edition this week! Sweet but I never received a response half a year ago for my Round 2 replacement cable door from MCZ support sadly.


syn13, We’ll take care of you. Please contact userSDK via PM.


I’ll take care of this first thing in the morning. Just DM me your address and I will get a panel out to you. There may not be many choices for artwork, but it will be one with a Viewlix layout. If you’re ok with that, I’ll even send it out tomorrow.


Thanks guys! I’ll be picking up my Soul Edition stick this Wednesday and although I do have my Fighting Edge coming in, I feel the with the size if the typical FightStick, the Vewlix layout is best suited towards them(I didn’t really like the Noir layout when I tried it on the Omni Stick and being that I already have and love my VSHG, the experience was less than stellar~)

Oh yeah, while I got the top dawgs’ attention, will the Canadian GameShark shop be restocking any of the Messenger style stick bags? Keep up the good work guys!


Sorry we’re completely out of stock of the messenger bags and won’t be getting more in for awhile. I’ll update everyone once they’re back in stock.


Damn, the messenger style must have been too good for it’s price but yeah, I sampled the backpack and it has superior protection compared to the messenger style.