Madcatz Tournament Edition Round 2 [HELP]

hi all first post, hello

i’ve owned a TE Round 2 for the best part of 14 months and they have been great, the other day whilst playing SSFIV one of the joysticks stopped responding but i could still use all the other buttons (a,b,x,t,rb,rt and so on), upon restarting my xbox360, the system would only recognise the LEFT & RIGHT inputs from the stick, after another reset, it would recognise no stick inputs but all buttons still work, im thinking maybe the stick has bit the dust, its my understanding that these sticks were built using standard of the shelf Sanwa parts so it should just be a matter of opening the stick and replacing the joystick component in a plug and play fashion, could someone please tell me the exact model # that madcatz used on these stick so i can order them (i can’t open mine at the moment as i dont have the tools at the moment)

thanks guys and sorry for such a long post

Mad Catz use a Sanwa JFL, out of all the models of JLFs out there, any would work since for the most part only differences are very minor. Which way the PCB on the joysticks rotated and what mount plate the stick uses and if it has a shaft cover or not. All which can be changed easily . But before you jump conclusions and decide the joystick is busted. when you open your stick, make sure the wiring harness for the joystick is not loose or has not fallen off. I do believe lizard lick offers a replacement wiring harness for the TE that works better than the stock harness Madcatz includes.

ok thank you, im getting my tools tomorrow and i’ll open it and report back, thank you for your help

ok, i’ve opened my stick, and used a multi meter on the lead from the joystick to pcb every pin makes a connection i’ve also ordered the lizard lick cables, can i buy just the pcb’s for these sticks somewhere or can i send to madcaz for out of warrenty service

hi gus, well i’ve changed the joystick to another jlf i had lying around form an old hori mod, and the connecting harness to the lizardlick style, and still only the joystick wont work, the buttons are fine, any ideas what to test now, thanks