Madcatz Tournament Edition S joystick


Is there a difference between the Tournament Edition Round 2 and the Tournament Edition S joystick? I have both and I feel the Tournament Edition S joystick more soft or loose, the problem is I have the Round 2 for xbox 360 and the other for ps3, I play more on xbox 360 and I’m used to the Round 2 joystick then when I go to my friends house and play on ps3 and there’s a big difference when I try to do the things I’m used to, besides the differences between the consoles.


They both come stock with the same parts. Did you buy them both new? Assuming no parts have been changed, it’s probably just one stick being more worn than the other. Your round 2 probably needs lubricated- a dry stick is not how you want to add tension. If you want tension, get a heavier springs for both.


They’re supposed to both have the same lever. Also, it’s been heard of that quality control has let some madcatz parts get accidentally installed instead of all sanwa parts. You should crack them open if you feel inclined to do so.


I bought them new, recently I made some mods to the “S” but just the buttons, the old ones were sanwa but I forgot to check the stick. I think I’m used to the heavier one.


Were can I get the sping? I usually buy from focus attack, is there any other good place?


Yeah, you can get a 2 lb JLF spring from focus attack (stock JLF is .9 lbs). Paradise arcade shop has several different spring weights ranging from 1.5 to 9 lbs. PAS also sells small syringes of Molycote lubricant, which would keep you from having to drop $25 on a tube of shin etsu silicone grease.


While you’re at it, get an oversized actuator too.


What is the difference?


Oversized actuators will make the switches engage sooner. This is really a matter of personal preference but i feel that 1mm OS actuators in JLF’s feel really nice. I would try a .5mm and 1mm oversized but you may like stock better. It’s not like a rule that an OS actuator will be better.


Thanks, I think I’m going to order a 0.5 mm and a 1 mm to test, I have a doubt about the springs, I ordered from 2 to 6 lb to test, the actuator size depends of the spring size? or I just use the spring I like and same with the actuator.


Actuator size and spring rate are independent, though I would address both. The JLF is a pretty terrible stick really until you fix those two things. You could get a JLW and leave it stock.


IMO, anything over maybe 3 lb springs feels kinda squeaky/grindy and will likely require you to lube and clean the pivot more often. By more often I mean maybe three times a year if you play regularly as opposed to once or twice.


Me and some friends are going to buy a tube of shien-etsu,, is this one same used for joysticks?




Ok guys there’s one more question, I ordered one Kowal actuator and a 2 lb spring from focusattack to make a test, I see in Paradise Arcade they have different types of oversized actuators (shape), I read in an old post here that kowals can damage the switches pins with the time, which one do you guys recommend, I’ll try the kowal because I ordered one but I need some recommendations to make a final choice.


I said that I had a theory that they may damage the pins over time. The only actuators that come with a design like the Kowal are Seimitsu and they use levered switches which would prevent any kind of movement of the pin other than in and out.

With Kowal actuators you have the potential of the pin being pushed up towards the joystick’s body when used with non-levered switches. This could cause the pin to rub the casing of the switch. This would put pressures on the internal mechanism of the switch that could be damaging and effect the longevity of the switch. This is all theory. Please don’t take this for hard fact. I haven’t done any kind of stress testing with Kowal actuators. There is no hard evidence to back this up. Only logic and basic understanding of the mechanics of switches.

The bell shape of the stock JLF actuator (and Paradise Arcade JLF/Hayabusa actuators) is designed so that when it contacts the pin it will be perpendicular to the angle that it intends to push the pin in (straight in and out). This design should cause the least amount of wear possible.


Paradise Arcade have this one in stock, I was looking for the plastic one but its out of stock.


Shoot an email to and see if she can fill you in on their current stock. Sometimes things are on hand but haven’t been added to the inventory in the store yet. She usually answers relatively quickly.


I’ve run into an interesting thing: I was hoping to buy an acrylic for my new TTT stick (thanks to that awesome $50 sale), but it seems to have a different layout than other TE S sticks:

Does anyone sell a clear acrylic cover for the Tekken Tag Tournament stick?


You are looking for the MadCatz SCV or NOIR plexi.