Madcatz TTT2 TE-s+ now available for pre-order


Just pre-ordered a ps3 version was going to get the the street fighther x tekken vs but instead got tempted for the tekken tag tour.2 te-s+ when I saw madcatz/gameshark taking pre-orders, what do you guys think about this fightstick .


broken glass look is kind of cool


I really like the felt bottom. Glad madcatz has addded that.


Kind of confused at why you would pass up a VS and get this in its place.


Kind of why I asked what you guys think of this stick I can always cancel order and get the VS instead, but anyway why should I get the VS over the te-s+ I kind of perfer the smaller foot print it has over the vs and the fact that the vs has a glossy finish all over instead of matte made me choose the te-s+, but if the vs has something extra special other then that I can connect a second unit to it I would gladly cancel my order for the te-s+ & go for the vs instead nothing confusing about that.


I just love the build quality and size of the vs but if you got the te s + for your own valid reasons then you will enjoy the stick. It just sounded like you changed your order on impulse because it is new.


looking forward to this since it looks like a slightly improved/updated version of the sc5 stick.

the vs stick is way too big, joystick too close to the buttons and I prefer the button layout.


I’ll edit the OP with some info.


Nevermind, I will make a new thread.