Madcatz TvC joystick outta whack

Hey there techtalk, I recently bought a tvc arcade stick as a super cheap ($35)option to play AE on my pc, with room for upgrades later. I hadn’t noticed any issues with it for a while but it seems to be misaligned somehow. It doesn’t register my down diagonal inputs properly. It usually registers only when it’s tucked snugly in the corner(square gate, dunno if that’s standard for madcatz) on the left, but it’s a bit better on the right.This makes switching from stand to crouch block extremely frustrating, and is making dp out of block occasionally frustrating as well. I really don’t want to have to compensate for this stick, but I’m already starting to do so and it isn’t impossible but difficult and I really shouldn’t have to

Before I pop this thing open and start fiddling with the joystick mounting, I wanted to find out if this is a common issue and if it’s as simple as buying a different mount or if I need to jury-rig something. The stick is visually left and down of center in the hole, so it might be tilted or something as well.

Thanks ahead of time guys! I did search and I found one example of someone complaining about this on Youtube, but other than that no dice.

First make sure you have the top switch on the turbo bay set to ‘DP’ and the lower switch set to ‘unlock’. Test, then open up to see if the harness is correctly in place. Test again.

If you are still experiencing this problem then it is likely to do with the joystick as it isn’t very good tbh (though better than the one found inside a SE). Swap it out with a Sanwa JLF or other joystick of your choosing and you should notice an immediate difference.

I should have mentioned the click of the contact is really obvious and it doesn’t happen until the extreme corner. It’s not a software thing, it’s definitely something with the hardware. I’ll open it up and see what I can see though. Thanks for the stick suggestion too :slight_smile:

Are you using an adapter,Wiimote with blue tooth or a modded TVC stick to give it a USB plug?

I’m using an adaptor, but again the stick doesn’t click for the d/l diagonal as early as it does with the other diagonals. I took it apart, adjusted the screws on the harness, and rotated the gate 90 degrees to see if it was part of the problem. No dice. It’s been on the d-pad setting from the start, although I did have the turbo lock on.

I think it’s probably a lousy contact. I could replace that, but I may as well upgrade to a good joystick.

this thread should be relevant to this as well,

same stick, i recently picked up a cheap brawlstick and have the same issues with a couple of corner, it only engages cleanly if i ride the gate. others don’t seem to have the problem and overall the stick seems to be a decent JLF clone. my best guess in my case is the gate doesn’t allow for the throw it needs to properly engage the switches.