Madcatz xbox 360 SE FightStick : problem, help me!


sorry about double posting :

So I have a problem with my xbox360 SE fight stick :frowning:

when i play SFIV, I got “Please reconnect controller” for 1sc

you know why ?


Check your breakaway chord?


what ?

sorry, I didn’t understand.


The breakaway cord is the part of the usb cable that plugs into the xbox 360. Some people say that it may cause the controller to lose connection with the system if its faulty.

Not in my case. I have the same problem as you; however, my breakaway cable is not the problem. Its actually my usb cable and the way its soldered to the pcb. I found this out when I opened my stick and swapped parts. With the case open and stick plugged into the xbox 360, the controller works fine. But, if I touch the usb cable internally, it loses connection.

I think its too late for me to call madcatz since I already swapped my buttons/joystick but it may not be too late for you to call them about it.


Thank you valkyrie23 & cue16 !

now I see, so It can be a ridiculous or a serious problem.
ok I’ll call madcatz because I didn’t open It yet.

is there another player who had the same problem ?