Madcatz xbox brawlpad Padhack problems

It first started by having the UP input stuck on and the turbo acting crazy. Now that I got home, UP is back as normal but the RIGHT is strange, for exemple mashing right doesn’t give dashes everytime, it feels like there’s some input dropping.
And the strangest part is the RIGHT solder point is activated by just touching it (not even need to make contact with signal and ground) or twisting the wire and the RIGHT input is sent in rapidfire.

Turbo continued to be activated and cycling through turbo modes everytime I pressed an attack button. Somehow I managed to stop the turbo but the LED shows it is still cycling …
I tried to remove the turbo button but it didn’t change anything.

Any suggestions ?

Take pictures of the padhack and post it here. People can’t give any advice until they see exactly how you did it.

Not up to date but the only change is the turbo button and wire are soldered off
I can take some new ones when I get home.