Madcatz Xbox360 Fightpad \ Windows 7



I was led to believe the Madcatz Fightpad (wired) for Xbox360 would work with Windows 7 32bit, so I bought one.

The Microsoft website says (laughably) - ‘This product installs automatically without extra software’.

It doesn’t.

Apart from a brief flash of the light ring when you plug it in, indicating the USB socket has power, it doesn’t recognise it in any way, let alone actually work.

The Madcatz FAQ states, in relation to this problem - ‘You may simply need to download the Xinput Driver from to remedy the situation’.

This does not solve the problem, or change the situation in anyway. Still not so much as a recognition that a control pad is even connected.

So, with the company that made the OS, and the company that made the fightpad equally clueless, I suppose I might as well ask here.

How do you get a Madcatz Xbox360 wired fightpad to work under Windows 7? :shake:

Many thanks,



Mine works under win7 64bit without any problem, i would assume it will work under 32bit version as well. Maybe you should make sure it is not a dead pad first.


Yeah, it is a working pad.

I’ve been given a list of other things to try, so hopefully I can sort it out.


That is Odd, even if the Drivers were missing, Win 7 should of downloaded the correct Drivers almost automatically. My Mad Catz Fight Pad Works on Win 7 fine.

Try ether Windows Update or Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers, then click on trouble shoot and choose to install drivers from the internet.


Works fine for me as well, i’m running on Windows 7 64bit.

Although on my laptop (Windows 7 32bit), I have to replug it several times for it to actually get recognized for some reason (lack of power perhaps?) On my desktop i just plug it in and it works.


Yeah, its working now. Its also terrible, really terrible. The dpad is just as bad as a few of the cheap pads I have already.

I think I’ve about given up on finding a good pad for fighting games now. Will have to get a fightstick.

Ah well.


Thats a normal saying around here =[. That D-pad is only good for modding imo


Yeah, this fightpad was the last throw of the dice. Its so bad, its untrue. I’m finding it hard to jump towards or away, without jumping straight up 3 times. The diagonals are impossible to find. Its much worse than some random Logitech pad I have hanging around, that probably cost £5$5.

Maybe its just harking back to the good old days, but the SNES pad was never this bad.


the soft plastic tabs they use on the inside tend to sit funny in the d-pad at times. I’ve stripped down enough to see how even new if it was placed into the d-pad incorrectly you wont get the proper contact to the pcb and you get bad input. even had a brand new one have rust on the RT metal tab they use. for a board that does so well in dual mod padhacks the actual usage of the pad by itself is not up to par for sure.