Made a Discord chatroom for discussing SF5 (and others) as well as setting up matches in the future!

To Join The Discord Chatroom Go to this Link:

Discord is a way for users to instant message group chat, it’s easy and fast to register. It’s kind of like a mix of IRC, Teamspeak/Skype and AIM.

Here are some neat features about Discord:

  • There is a browser App, Desktop App and Mobile App for Discord.
  • In the chatroom you can have different channels for different discussion.
  • So far I have channels specifically for talking about sf in general, one for setting up netplay matches, SF5 discussion, USF4 discussion, SF3 Discussion, SF2 discussion, Discussion of Various other SF games, Character Advice, Posting Videos and non Street Fighter discussion.
  • I can always add more channels if needed.
  • In my opinion, a much better and more colorful User Interface than IRC
  • You have the option to have avatars.
  • Optional voice chat feature if people want to have voice chat sessions.
  • Any toxic users will be kicked and possibly banned for repeat offenses.

Ideally I’d like to be a place where people can have various Street Fighter game discussion, people can find matches, people can find ways to improve and people can improve themselves and all in all just have a good fun time.

Basically the only rule I’m establishing for now is to not be a douche.

If you are interested, feel free to join!

To Join The Discord Chatroom Go to this Link: