Made a Gen Tutorial, thoughts?
Its a little long, but i think it covers what people need to know to play gen. Any thoughts or ideas for the next episode?


Nice attempt but here are my thoughts

  1. It’s WAAY too long: its as long as a 2 period course in my schooldays and I almost fell asleep. Try to keep it at most 15 minutes and honestly I find it hard to retain anything said past 20th minute

  2. Avoid calling anything Useless, that you don’t use it doesn’t mean others don’t. For example you said mantis stand light kick has little use but I use it to space out block string and leaves u at a range that ryu crMK will wiff. And I use all crane normals even hk, which has its uses as a far anti air in crane stance. Also jyasen is super useful if u use it at max range , alot of ppl walk into it. So try not to term anything useless or not of much use.

  3. Edit your videos, honestly watching you drop combos and wiffing stuff isn’t fun and it’s distracting, and u kept mixing up stuff like saying medium punch gekiro, light punch gekiro and medium punch crane jump crossups.

  4. Essentially you just talked about Gen so I won’t say this is a tutorial but more or less an overview of the character, I didn’t learn to do anything from the video, if I didn’t know hot to land gekiro nor how to piano hands or how to combo or how to time oga or how to do anything the video didn’t teach me any of that. Maybe just the basic mixup in the end.

  5. The sound of the stick was a Lil distracting.

It’s okay but pls make it shorter next time. 50 minutes is way too long