Made a Gief faceplate!

Tell me what you think. Also i have no clue if this is the right section but it seems right. Also if anyone else has done this what should i ask for when i take it to kinkos

I think it would be better if Gief was horizontal and the joystick was red and came out of his crotch.

Lol thats like the sixth time ive had that suggestion but do you like it not X rated?

That looks great dude, no changes necessary!

Cool thank you! The only thing is, is that i dont know how to print it i was thinking glossy paper with lamination but im not 100% sure. Any one get one printed before? if so how much did it cost and what did you tell them you wanted.

You need it printed with an adhesive back. You also need it printed a little larger than the metal plate it goes on because you will need to stick it on then cut around it. Don’t print it with those White circles

Okay so adhesive and glossy. but i cant just not get the circles not printed ill have to cut it out. do you have a est price?

i like this thread. I was looking for a new design for my stick but specifically gief. Does anyone have any pics that i can use for it? I have the mvc2 te stick

Im sorry but i can not find a template for it. If you have a scanner though you could scan the faceplate and work it out from there also worstgiefever what did you mean buy dont print out the white cirles?

ok, I don’t understand what you are saying here, your double negative has confused me. You can’t print the circles like that because it might not fit exactly where the circles are on the art.

Look at your TE now. See the default art on it? That art is stuck onto the metal plate. You need to rip that art off and use a chisel/sandpaper/whatever to remove the bits that get stuck so it is totally smooth.

Then you stick your new art on, flip it over so it is face down, and cut around the edges and in the holes with a scalpel.

My stick:

This is the guy doing my stick. here you can see he has already stuck down the new art, has flipped it upside down and is cutting around the sides and in the circles with a stanley knife.

Actualy im getting the SE(madcatz). and i dont even have it yet im getting it in about a week. But okay i got it thanks a bunch i get what to do now. And a est price of how much it would cost to print

Okay i just got off the phone with them. its only $4.90 to get it printed and laminated with a adhesive back. Pretty cheap

does anyone have any cool templates of gief.

Not sure if this is what you mean but this is one of the pic ive used

i mean, like full TE TEMPLATES

I might be able to find/make one but i dont have a TE stick so i dont have any right now


Timebomb, I like the image, minus the old original SF4 Zangief picture. I think that picture of him is quite ugly, and there are plenty of good pictures of Zangief out there, such as: (This one is hilarious. I love it.)

And so on.

It was fine how it was. It looks bad now because you are mixing new art with old. Take that thing off.

I’d never put that art on my stick, not because the stock images are bad, but because you used every cheap photoshop effect in the book.