Made Discord chatroom for people to discuss USF4 and have matchmaking. Newcomers + Veterans welcome!

Discord is a way for users to instant message group chat, it’s easy and fast to register. It’s kind of like a mix of IRC and Teamspeak but with a more modern UI.

Feel free to use it to:

  • Ask people if they want to play some Street Fighter games (sticking with PS3 USF4 for now but may use for SF5 in a few months)
  • Ask for General, Character or Combo Advice
  • If you just want to hang out and have general Street Fighter discussion you can do that too.

I originally made it a week ago specifically for Reddit (/r/StreetFighter), but I feel there are some people who want to have a place to setup games, especially if you want to improve or just a place to discuss matchups get help, etc.

There are good amount of newcomers and veterans in the chat so don’t be afraid to jump in to practice, get some games and maybe ask for advice if you are newer.

<b>Link to Join the Discord Chatroom:</b>

Discord has a Mobile App, Desktop App, and Browser App so you can access it anywhere as long as you have internet.

I do Endless Lobby meetups every Tuesday at 6:30 PM PST / 9:30 PM EST. If the room I host fills up someone will have to make a new one.