Made it Gold last night


Just like the title says.
Almost 2 years since the game came out and after 1 year of plateauing in super silver i finally got gold last night. I’m new to this forum so i don’t know if it is an appropriate thread subject , but i felt the urge to share this.


you played the game constantly and got gold now?
how much hours ingame?


I can’t tell how many hours exactly 'cause im playing on ps4. But, let’s say that since the game was first launched i played roughly 3-4 times a week 2-3 hours each.


Good stuff. Keep it going


Now try getting and staying there with Ryu.


Damn son


Good shit. But aim higher!


Good on you friend!


Speaking about aiming higher, I reached super gold earlier this week and i’m on my way to U. gold !
I’m surprised that I was able to reach S. gold that fast considering I’ve been stuck on s. silver for about a year and a half.


Congrats! Enjoy the feeling.

One day, maybe I’ll join y’all in the gold.

Having not played any fighting games in 10+ years and only gotten SFV back in July, might take me a couple of years though.


You just gotta be constant about it, and also be willing to learn something new every once in a while. For me , what really helped to get from silver to gold was to try to learn how all the other characters worked. Just spending 30 minutes with a different character and checking it’s frame data gave me great insight on the matchup.


Gratz kid!


Not impressed but gratz


This vid makes me happy. Congrats.


I’m starting season 3 strong so far, reached Ultra Gold last night. I thought it was worth mentioning since it’s arcade edition launched recently. I even finished the evening with over 7000 lp, so, not much until i get platinum i guess. I’m sincerely surprised how much I grew in such a short time considering I’ve been stuck in silver not so long ago.