Made my head hurt thread

Ok, this is for all fighting games. Anyone here had any difficulty performing certain combo’s, infintes, resets and following certain strats; no matter if you check out the character specifics in this site or ask random people here, you still can’t do it?

Me, it’s the shitty doom corner infinte. That infinite is impossible to do, i mean after i perform the J.HK i can’t do shit. :tdown:
Capcom should of gave him an easier infinite, like s.lp x#?!

Fuck Doom.


APPARENTLY…you just don’t ‘get it’.

VF used to made my brain hurt, but I’m okay know.

why would they call it an “infinite” if its super easy to do?

Actually, youre the one that wooooshed big time. :clap:

You can’t take a joke? Did you see the “?” at the end?

Since when does infinite = hard to do? cough Iron Man cough

Red Venom. Brain dead

Sure there are easy infinites such as Rogues, IM/WM, and Strider’s. But i find the Doom infinite to be difficult.

I know im going take shit for this, but:

I still cant roll cancel AT ALL.
I cant short short super consistantly on any game.
I cant do SRK custom combos on cvs2 (sak, bison, etc).
And I cant do Dudley’s F+RH xx super, and I call myself a Dudley player =/

sorry, its just the way you phrased it its hard to take sarcasm in type

i can’t shoshosho/paint in the 1p corner for the life of me
or any DP motion on the 2p side

lol n00b not all infinites are hard to do. infinite just means its something you can do over and over, they range from very easy to very hard.

doom is hot, tho :xeye:
That metal suit is my new fetish.

poke cancelled into super art with any char in 3s. sure i can execute it perfectly in training mode but when i’m fighting someone i can’t pull it off at all.

c.short, c.jab, c.short, super.

Seriously tho, I dont understand how people pull that stuff off.

I consider myself really good as far as excution goes, if I want to do a certain move or combo, 99% it comes out just fine, same with hit confirms. But stuff like this, I just cant do to save my life.

I could actually pull that off 90% of the time but not short short short…


all of this and i cant parry ne super projectile in 3S

Ha, I can’t RC for my life either. I’m not much of a CvS 2 player anyway, but I’ve tried it for a while and I still get it like 1/10, maybe less.