Made my SE case Carbon-fiberized

A friend of mine customizes cars and helped me order a roll of this carbon fiber-like material that is used for car parts and such. Got bored and replaced the stock graphic with this material… It is textured and feels great on the hands. Yes I realize I need to trim off some edges still :wink:

I am also considering offering a service to do this same process to people’s sticks. Would anybody be interested in purchasing such a service?

If you make some carbon fiber JLF shafts and dust washers, I would purchase them in a heartbeat to fit my carbon fiber case.

That pattern looks like the 3M DI-NOC Carbon Fiber Vinyl.

Winchester, muffinman943 didn’t use real carbon fiber.
It is a wrap thing.

Okay thanks for the heads up. Didn’t know they made vinyls of the sort.

I think it would’ve looked better without that turbo panel dent.

theres a stick sharing thread bro

Yeah, sorry I didn’t make it too clear in my original post. It isn’t an actual carbon fiber mold but an adhesive. This isn’t specifically Di-Noc, though obviously similar. The name of the material slipped my mind but apparently di-noc is not a popular choice for car parts and this is used instead when it comes to that sort of thing.

I havent been on here too much and totally forgot about that thread (I know, it is pretty obvious), if a mod wants to move this there that would be much appreciated.

I’m very interested.