MADE - Oakland's Video Game Museum - Requesting Fighting Game Talent To Visit

610 16th st, Oakland, CA, 94612
Dial “#0230” on our entry gate.

Your own equipment welcome

Soul Calibur 4
Tekken 6
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
Bushido Blade
Fighting Vipers

I am requesting experienced fighting game players to visit The MADE on Tuesdays to help me create fighting game DVDs. I want to set up a unique set of conditions for each game and record videos under those conditions.

How many people usually show up? And what time does it start?

Interested in Tekken

He said “experienced players” dude. Probably means people who can tech grabs.

Only a few people, we are just starting out. And for a place with just a few people we are not just looking for the Daigos of the world. Anybody who is interested in helping my DVD project is welcome to try.

FIght night again every next tuesday

This week we had a small soul calibur tournament.
Next week will prolly be marvel vs capcom but they have all types of games and systems there so if you dont want to enter you can just come and hang out and play some games

can we bring our own systems? (xbox, ps3, etc)

I dont work there but last week a guy brought his xbox 360 and we played ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

no guarantees this will happen again tho

will there be a tournament today? i wanna check the place out

yea every Tuesday at 7 i’ll be there tonight

crap i forgot i had homework to do. ill probably come by next week

interesting. i work like 3 blocks away. i’ll check it out next week

we played ultimate this week cuz somebody brought a 360
heres video of one of the matches

what time does this start? i’ll try to stop by after work but hope it’s 6 or earlier

the doors open at 6 so you can come and play and if theres enough ppl for a tournament it will start at 7 or 7:30

So for the tournament on tuesday, which game(s) will be played? I’m planning to bring my 360 along with AE and UMvC3.

Hello I am the person who runs the fight night at theMADE if you had any ideas email me at I would love to hear what you guys would want.

im really interested in playing with you guys. i just moved to CA and live in Hercules. There is no scene up here and oakland is the closest place? I emailed you Mcsoze :smiley:

its a small scene over here. ill be there this tuesday if anyone wants to game up.

hi mcsoze, i’ve been to the MADE once, and it was pretty cool. however, i don’t know if it was fit for a fighting game community just yet. if you want more support/foot traffic from SRK, we really need the following information beforehand.

  1. how many TVs
  2. which consoles
  3. how many sticks would be available
  4. which fighting games will be played

unless you are holding specific events, it’s too much to go every tuesday and find out there’s no setup, there’s no sticks, there’s no game and you’ve basically wasted a trip out. of course people here will help with bringing in consoles/sticks as needed, but there has to be at least SOME constant for anything to work on a weekly basis.

simply having the location isn’t really an incentive for people to go and show.

last time i went, we were playing mvc2 on an old xbox on broken pads…

again, it’s fine for you guys to reach out for help but it just has to be more organized before it can really blow up.

I will try to make it next week. I am actually glad to see a scene in Oakland