Madison GEEK KON SF4 Tourney 10/24/09


Hey guys, I’m usually a Soul Calibur Guy, but I’m just posting results of our GEEK KON tourney for those of you who participated in the tourney that are actaully HARDCORE SF Players.


  1. Generalvivi (Sakura)
  2. Black Hayate aka Gary Chu (Ryu)
  3. jimmypikachuchoi (Chun Li)
  4. Erik Sua (E Honda, Zangief)
  5. Ginko (Ryu)
  6. Bobby Lange
  7. Anduril
  8. Shadow (C. Viper)
  9. Outlaw (El Fuerte, Sagat)
  10. Squall

SC4 Results:(18 participants)

  1. Ora (Sophitia, Tira)
  2. jimmypikachuchoi (Xianghua, Yunsung, Tira, Siegfried, Hilde)
  3. Outlaw (Yunsung, Mitsurugi)
  4. Phil Bond (Siegfried, Nightmare)

Rock Band: (10 groups)

  1. Collector’s Edition 38/40pts (Phil Bond, Lokim, Donna Tom, Sandi Michalski)
  2. D20’s 37/40pts-WON the technical tiebreaker for 2nd place
  3. Dan’s Trousers _______ Schnauzer 37/40pts
  4. Where the Hell is Velma? 36/40pts
  5. ??? I think the BLYJ or Screw Rules Group 13/40pts


Thanks for posting Jimmy!

Go go Sakura!