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Lets say… hypothetically, someone played Marvel, Injustice, and SF on a PS3 pad and showed up to play. How would that go down? Would the group cast that player out because they didn’t use stick? Would they use that player as some sort of human sacrifice to ChrisG for FG benefits?


Sent you a private message


Games tomorrow will start a little after 8 pm, If you can make it that’s fine, if not that’s also fine Happy Thanksgiving.


Hmm actually might be able to go, but idk that’s kinda late. Hopefully next week otherwise


got a few Fridays off this month ill definitely slide on yall.

Its Cam btw in case you couldn’t tell by my tag


whats the plan for frosty faustings? im lookin to ride with someone
to share gas or something.


Hey what time are games tomorrow? I’m finally in town and I wanna play!!!


Games are starting at six tomorrow

Yeah, a decent bit of us are going to Frosty’s this year. We don’t know the exact details of when we’re leaving and who all is going, but I’ll let you know once we figure out what we’re doing.


any update for frostys?


Ya - we have a number of people that are going (probably two cars I think?). Not sure of the total number, but I’ll ask people tonight. Yeah, I’m sure we can figure out a carpool plan.

For time we’ll almost certainly be leaving Saturday morning, staying the night at some hotel, and leaving sunday after everyone’s finished.


i c. let me know by friday night or i will be going alone on saturday.


Did you get my text? We’re leaving Friday night, let me know if you want to come with us.


my phone is off. can u txt the number i msged u withe the details?


No games tonight, out of town at AGDQ still


We’re doing stuff tonight also after 6:30


Anyone interested in going to UFGT that hasn’t let us know, please do, we will be carpooling down and sharing rooms


Anyone play 3s?


lol Tim… no


any one play blazblue CP here in wisconsin madison? i’m in town for a week and looking to maybe meet up with some people to play.


We have a few Blazblue players! Games are usually on Fridays if you are still in town that evening.