Madison WI, Fighting Game Community


I’m from the Madison area…Any USFIV or MK players around?


Hi, I’m the new guy from last week. Somebody here should set up a facebook or something, to keep people updated. Right now the only way anybody new can know about this group is A) Knowing someone in it already, or B) Contacting someone here (and a few of you are apparently leaving, so that’s not great). Also, updating the first post of this thread with the facebook info should be enough to get people to head over there from now on, should the facebook page get made. I’d make it myself but I don’t really feel comfortable, since I’m new.

This is particularly important since Googling “Madison, WI Fighting games” basically only leads people here.

@IcyKnee, I play USF4, and a few people here I think do as well.


Yeah, I was talking to Gary and Frank about taking over this since we’re leaving, I’ve told them about this thread also. I think a FB page makes sense and I’ll see if one of them wanna set it up.


This is the link to the FB page. Games are played once every Friday a mile west of campus. Add me on facebook: Ryan Daleccio for directions/details. Most of us play SF4. I can pay Marvel anytime. I’ll be leaving in September, but here’s the info if anyone has any questions, inbox me before I leave.


Hey, is this still happening? I just moved to Waupun and looking to press buttons in the near future. Marvel head but dabble in Ultra and probably will be maining it soon enough. Also, any tournaments around these parts?


I got on the Milwaukee facebook page but posting on here also. I’m new to WI and am in I guess what is central WI? So if any one is near Fon du Lac, Oshkosh, or Appleton please hit me up so we can get some sessions in with out having to go to Milwaukee/Madison just to push buttons. If there are enough then I will start hosting sessions and create a new thread. I play Marvel 2/3, 3rd Strike and Ultra. Thanks gang!


Just want to post an update here again in case people still visit this page for fighting game info. Several of the previous local players left (Keranata and Shiohime, for example), but there are still games happening on Fridays. The mix is a couple SF4 players, a decent Marvel player, couple KOF players, and one of each of the other stuff (Anime, skullgirls, etc.), although several people are grouped into more than one of those categories. There are also a couple good Melee players if that is your game.

Also, I host a “SF4-only” night on Tuesdays which has about 6-ish people regularly. We don’t only play SF4, though that was the original idea so that gets played a lot. Skill levels range from completely new to “knows how to generally play footsies, and some advanced stuff”. Hoping a couple people can come and body us to help level us up.

The facebook page listed here should still be good, and most of the updates can be found there. Just send a message there for any details, and someone definitely should respond soon. You could also PM me here, but I don’t frequent SRK regularly (see my post count).

I’m always looking for more SF4 players (and fighting game players in general). If you’re a UW student who don’t have stuff to do this summer on Tuesday or Friday, please feel free to come on by.


I take it no one plays SFIII still?


y’all still throw down!!! Rusty street fighter and mkx-er looking to get back on the grind


Yo! Im hosting a tourney in fitchburg. LPC4 is the name, head over to the WI Smash thread on FB to take a look.


RIP WI. Most people that still play are on Facebook now.


Quick update to this thread again, since finding any info on Madison, WI FGC is basically non-existent online (outside this thread, and facebook groups which are a bitch to find).

Yes, there are still people who play games regularly and meet up. There is basically always me and a couple others who meet up once or twice a week. Our group is really small though. Expect maybe four people on any given day.

Still, we play USF4 and GG Xrd. I heard some of us are still trying to keep KOF13 relevant. There are good 3D players in the area, but they don’t show up since our core mostly play 2D.

Admittedly, we are doing jack shit in terms of trying to get new people in the group, but I’m always happy when someone new does show up. There have probably been at least 10 new people who came up out of nowhere (either a student from UW, or an Epic employee), played with us a bit, get bodied, and have never shown up again. I assume they’re still around but just lost interest, were intimidated by our amazing skills, or I scared them off =(. I’m sure everyone in the group likes meeting new players (well, probably most of us), so if you’re a new player looking to level up before SF5 don’t be intimidated from coming.

Facebook group is still active so check that out for info. I’ll basically add anyone, but I might be slow to accept due to laziness. Facebook doesn’t give any notifications to me when someone wants in, so blame them.

EDIT: I should also note that I heard there are other groups in the area (not surprising), but I know little to nothing about them outside of one person who told me about them. Apparently SF4 players. If they have some contact info that’d be nice.



In case people were looking through these, people still play fighting games in Madison. There are bi-weekly gatherings for tekken and street fighter as well as a handful of anime players.

Info is on the facebook pages, but feel free to ask here for more details.


Just a heads up to Madison and all WI fighting game players, there is a very active community for you to join.

Come join us on discord!


This is NOT the first Madison thread, there have been many others, and a group of 3 guys (including myself) that were here playing SFIII: 3rd Strike since 2007. Around the time SF4 and MvC3 first released, there was a resurgence, and Ryan (above) as well as Alex (Keranata) and his friend Steven were very good at both.

I have mostly retired since 2012 or so and moved on to other interests because the games I’m good at (3s, ST, A3, Garou, old Melty Blood, Kof98 and 2k2) are totally dead and few people play them here, and are not played nationally either. No interest in newer fighters or SF4/SF5.

I attended a few tournaments in Milwaukee and most of the good players (both old and new gen games) in the state are from Milwaukee. I suggest searching “Milwaukee fighting game community” on Facebook and meeting people there. There are casuals at Jerry’s house in basically all fighting games regularly and I may drive out for those (to play the older fighters) and if the scene in Madison gets good enough, they may be willing to attend the SF5 tournaments at Geeks Mania. Joining/interacting with the Chicago fighting game community would help the scene here too (search chicago fighting game community on fb) I lived in IL in 2002 and went to casuals at Nickel City there as well, and learned 3s from Tony Defily (dfly). So I have joined the Chicago group too.

If anyone plays 3rd Strike, drives and wants to come over and play 3sO on PS3 (or older fighters on PS2- still have mine hooked up to a CRT in my game room) I would be down. If you use pad I have pads or otherwise you will need a PS1/PS2 stick (either will work). I don’t own a PS4/Xbone (have a $4000 gaming pc and have moved on to non-fighters on that) but if you bring one and SF5 (or whatever else) I’ll give it a shot, not sure if my PS3 converter for my stick works on PS4 but we can try.

Regarding the geeks mania SF5 tournaments, Matt (footmeetskull) told me he entered one, won it, and didn’t even lose a round until the finals. And hasn’t gone back since. But him and I don’t talk anymore.

Msg me here but if interested, it’d be better to look me up on Facebook after joining the Milwaukee/Chicago groups: Joe Monture

Hope your scene flourishes and many good games are had. But I’m really a retired 3rd Strike player and that’s it. Good luck and best wishes guys.



My stick.


I also ripped this from a VHS tape Tony gave me in 2003, shows the scene at the time (at it’s very lowest- one year before the Daigo “Beast” parry) in Chicago, including FLoE playing back then. (He’s on the Capcom Pro Tour now). Even met him personally, Tony introduced us at casuals then and played him in A3 (Nickels still had an A3 setup but the game was not popular, only 3s, ST and MvC2 really were.). This video is blowing up on the Chicago thread on Facebook currently, FLoE even personally commented. Footage was unseen on the net and afaik the details of the tournament weren’t recorded, but it was regionals (MidWest Challenge) and Team Chicago is on the 1p side, known players on the team are: FLoE (Ari, pink Chun), Tony Defily (dfly, purple Ken) and Domingo (Nigga D/Tactics, ran the Chicago thread here, red Urien.) The other Chun Li on the team is probably Amir, the owner of Nickel City at the time, who was also a very good 3s player (he is probably not the same famous Amir who also played Chun from FFA in California- I had the pleasure of going to it before it closed because my wife is from Cali, and played casuals with a group of Frankie3s’ friends (SBO participant on team US West, Ryu). Best players I’ve ever fought, I represented WI well and used Ibuki and Ken mainly. Beat quite a few players, and will always remember it.

My (quite literal) Chicago FGC OG card, lol:

One Nickel City free admission Tony got me, expired 12-31-02.

And a picture of the tape:

Hope this gives you guys some inspiration even if you don’t play 3rd Strike. Lots of tactics shown that could still be applied in SF4 or SF5.

And… I’m not an egotist or shit talker even if it seems that way. Just an old retired player. If you came over, good times would be had, though if you force me to play newer games don’t expect much (except complaining about it most likely, lol).

The Milwaukee and Chicago threads are dead here. Join the FB groups because there is already a huge, talented scene in place in Milwaukee and I’m gonna guess you guys have a lot of leveling up to do to be competitive with them. (No offense).

Enjoy guys.


There are no geeks mania events any more because they took away the space used for tournaments. Regular tournaments and casuals are now being hosted at Happy Wok, courtesy of our soulcalibur/tekken crew. We have about 4 or 5 people that regularly show and main street fighter. Details are in the facebook group.

The one tournament Matt came to was the last one at geeks mania, and there were literally no sfv players there because of a scheduling issue with some other event. It was our soul calibur crew hanging out to support the scene and some arcade randoms we’ve never seen before and since.


Gotcha, thanks for the update.

Yeah I had kind of figured Matt had not told me the whole story, as I said, him and I recently had a severe falling out but I will not put him on blast publicly.

I will join the Facebook group to support the local scene but realistically, will probably drive out to Jerry’s in Milwaukee for casuals in old games (and 3s) once I am doing better. Life has been really rough lately. Not interested in SF5 but as I said, anyone who wants to come over and play is welcome to (working out getting a better PS2 stick for people to use if they want to play old games with me here).

Thanks dude.