Madison WI, Fighting Game Community


Anyone doing Marvel here? I’m tired of driving to Chicago for games at Joey D’s place or Ignite…


We had a couple people playing marvel a week ago. They will be running a Marvel bracket this weekend at Happy Wok.


Joe, you really need to get a life bro. Why did you even feel the need to post any of this? You don’t play games get mad when you lose and just are a shitty person in general. I really don’t know why I’m even responding to any of this. The tourney in question did have nothing but SFV players it was last year at Geeks Mania. I played a Ken player in grand finals forgot the guy’s name. I really don’t care what people say or post about me. This is all coming from a grown man that kicked a fucking hole in his wall after my friend Jaron beat him in 3S lbvs this guy has mental issues. I went out of my way to try and befriend this guy even after people from Illinois warned Milwaukee players about him and his craziness. Still gave this guy a second chance after I already disliked his whiny ass when he came to a Romine’s tourney and claimed he lost in 3S due to input lag. Mind you the monitors we were using were Asus Evo monitors. This guy manages to be a total shithead and uses mental illness as an excuse. Please keep my name out of your mouth Joe. Get off your ass and stop collecting SSI and get a fucking job.


Joe stop lying to these people you aren’t good at 3S or ST this guy is a clown.


Do you guys play the new dragon ball z fighters game?