Madkatz controllers shit quality?

This is my second xbox 360 madkatz wired controller. The RB button just stopped clicking and now does not always work when I click it. This is the second time I’ve bought one replacing the same issue. Honestly, should I just fork up for a regular Microsoft controller? My madkatz ps2 controllers were so awesome back in the day. Its ridicules.

mad catz have always made terrible controllers, then and now.

Yeah, their stuff’s always been terribad quality. The only reason their fight sticks aren’t that way is because they aren’t making the parts! I recommend you just drop for a legit controller.

Big Ben’s 360 wired controllers are pretty decent though their triggers and shoulder buttons feel weird. Microsoft’s controllers are OK, the new ones coming with the Slim 360 in particular.
But yeah like FunkyP said, mad catz always made shit controllers even back in the day. If you have one still working you just got lucky.

I don’t know if you can say they are all crap, since a large number of players here have had no issues with them, at all.

I personally have 4 Madcatz sticks, 2 SE’s and 2 TE’s, and a TvC I’m gonna sell… their stuff was cheap before (like 5 years ago till recently), their pads are preferred for hacking, and I think they’ve made a move to improve the over all quality of their products.

As a company they have been probably the biggest product supporter of fighting games in the US for the past 10 years.

Hori makes some awesome sticks, even their low end sticks are nice, but they too have failures… My suggestion is to hate on a product, or specific item and take it back to the company and sort it out, don’t blanket them with a statement that isn’t 100% true.

And, are you playing to hard on them ? and if you haven’t modded it or attempted to investigate the issue, have you considered sending it back to get it replaced ?

Their sticks don’t use parts they manufactured, that’s why they’re fine.

We’re talking about pads that Madkatz has produced for a long time. Other than for ripping apart for the PCB, they’ve always been worthless. You don’t buy madkatz if you’re going to buy a game pad that you’re going to actually use as is.

Have had a MadCatz FightPad for over a year now and it’s still in good working condition. I must be doing something wrong.

Some people like to get angry and throw controllers across the room, or mash on the fierce button till it works… while that strategy works well for me on my TE, and TE-S, I fear a smaller pad might not take the abuse as well, and not blaming you, but there is an acceptable amount of failure in all retail products (the manufacturers are ok with it and will support you the consumer if needed).

So try to return it, or get support from the company, and d3v is usually right about most things… true story.

Yeah ok these seem exempt from the rule of thumb as well. I’ve heard of only a few rare cases of the dpad being unresponsive after a while but they could easily fix it.

Not entirely true. The PCBs are theirs, and those are somewhat problematic (LS functionality doesn’t work correctly, and the response you’ll get is “set it to DP”). Kind of shafts you over for games that don’t check the POV hat for DirectInput games. There’s also the problem with the PS3 sticks not working on anything other than Intel/VIA USB controllers because they use UHCI for the PS3 sticks.

I’m sure Toodles appreciates the extra business from people fixing their sticks, though :smile:

The PS3 sticks weren’t advertised as PC/PS3, it works for its intended use: PS3.

Don’t agree…if you are a pad warrior it was great for the 360…(not talking SF pad). Before I transitioned to sticks, if I was running any form of fighting game I had to use the Madcatz controller.

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Well, okay, I’ll agree that the 1st Party 360 d-pad is awful.
But I’m not sure how much of a testament that is to the quality of Madkatz controllers rather than a testament to how awful and worthless the 1st party 360 D-pad is.

shrugs there is truth in that too hehe

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