Madkatz Stick question: Turbo


Hey, all, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the fastest speed setting with turbo on a stock Madkatz 360 stick in terms of repetitions/second. Thanks!


Not very fast. You can piano faster than the stick turbos.


just do it manually.


I’m sorry, I should offer clarification. The reason I’m trying to find the exact speed of turbo is not because it is part of my execution when I play the game by any means, but for the sake of mapping out technical aspects of the game. In training mode, I typically use turbo to give me a model of what is close to the fastest possible execution of an action out of recovery, after jumping, ect. Due to some critical frame data for the engine of MvC3, I am planning on recording clips of training mode at 60 fps to analyze the footage myself. Knowing the rate of the “mashing” Madkatz sticks do is important in identifying my margin of error in game footage analysis. While the question is pretty banal in nature, I could take it to the hardware forum if it would better be answered there. I though I’d be better off asking people with a good general knowledge first.