Madtown players unite!

This thread will be use for contact information, current active players, and where to meet up in t

alright, my phone number is will be available next weekish.

Wisconsin really doesn’t need 2 threads all the info is already posted in the Wisconsin thread to begin with. I respect you are trying to get things going in Madison but 2 different threads are totally unnecessary. Mods please close and delete this thread.



this isn’t smashboards where we need like four different threads for one state

What is the tournament on saturday, and sanchez I believe you left your ps3 controllor at my house. you won’t be able to pick it up until tuesday night.

I logged in so I could call sanchaz a whiny little bitch

Sanchaz, you are a whiny little bitch

rofl, tell me how you came up with that. you should also get better at sf4ae, or mk9, or ah3, or mvc3, but no, wisconsin likes to insult me instead.

Telling Syxx to get better at Marvel?

EDIT: I’m going to be very blunt here - Syxx and Sammy (Sparda) were the two big MvC3 players in Milwaukee (before the game just stopped being played here). Alex had complimented them previously on bringing the same level of determination and play as him during previous Tracks gatherings. Furthermore, the last time you were in Milwaukee for a Tuesday night gathering, you were bitching on end about how Sammy was DHCing your ass to death in Marvel.

We have not seen you back since then. Furthermore, we have not seen you at a single Tracks/Romine’s tournament.

And running to the Chicago thread for some sort of affirmation that you’re not a problem is just going to get another community tangled in what is a Wisconsin issue. Leave them out of this.

Respect can be given for trying to get Madison to take off. But you’re trying to do way too much, way too soon. Between this and your antics in the Chicago thread, all you’re doing is pissing in the well.

Wow! Free drinks? That’s really nice of you! I was wondering if you’d waive the venue fee if I packed a cooler with Capri Suns, but it looks like you got your bases covered already.

hey want to play mvc3 online, i got better. and yeah I’m busy most of the time. I said sorry to Sparda a while ago a lot, hoping to start over.

when is the next tracks thing, awwwwww kitty, :slight_smile:

I just think wisconsin compare to other states is not pretty.

If you want to start over than post in the Wisconsin thread like everybody else and stop making threads when they are not needed. Tournaments aren’t held at Tracks anymore they are held at Romine’s now. BTW the little snide remarks you are making is doing nothing for your so called “starting over”.

I try that, and I keep getting private messages saying I’m stupid. I come here to play 2d fighting games, . I’m going to start a student run organization at uw madison, :). I will post information here later, and introduce them to the wisconsin thread/tracks tavern/tourneys, etc.

I need a thread to register a website for the organization, so I thought why not just use shoryuken.

That’s pretty low. You could at least use a free proboards account if you need a website that badly.


I’d sympathize with you but, you kinda did that to yourself. Don’t know what to tell you. Making unneeded threads didn’t help your cause either. It’s cool you are trying to get something going in Madison but, you could have used the existing WI thread for the organization. You really are just kinda digging yourself deeper here with everybody.

EDIT: Also, this is the internet if people are PM’ing you calling you stupid and whatnot just ignore it.

That’s just a start.

For starters, I seriously doubt you need a website to apply.

Even then, you should be able to get free hosting from from the university (before or after the fact - they’ll do it if it’s for a student organization. Hell, your own account should have some free webspace allotted - take a look into it. Start from there and then expand out to the campus’ network). A simple site that forwards to a free forum would look a lot more presentable than piggybacking off SRK. Especially when you’re attempting to attract more people and the first thing they run into is a thread showing how smarmy you’re getting. I doubt you, the organization or the university would like that.

Then from there, you could be linking in between both sites - use SRK for announcements (eg. tournaments) while using your site board to foster local discussion and attention. You can also segment the interested parties away from the raw shit talk that is bound to occur if you set up the forums just right.

Just have to be careful - If you’re setting this up as a student organization, this is something that could grow above and beyond the university. If it comes to push and shove, have all your resources backed up and be ready to migrate off the university network ASAP. Something else to keep in mind - in the case of recognized leadership in the student organization - Once you’ve graduated/dropped out/whatever, your position is null and void. You can sit there and say you started the organization, blah blah, but that means shit once you’re no longer a part of the system. Also, I’m not familiar with what setup Madison has for funding and government, but if it’s anything like Milwaukee, be prepared for a long road of fights.

It’s funny that the title of this thread is about uniting, and the purpose is entirely the opposite.

Madison and Milwaukee aren’t that far from each other. We can come to each others events.

cool story bro. yeah I’m lazy, I’ll piggyback off srk, I already created another website. I could care less of how you guys view me now. My position will not be null or void, I want to be a grad student…maybe, but even then I am still part of it. Milwaukee sucks for funding/government, Madison is a bit easier.

I’m having funding and trying to get sponsers (nos hopefully) for it at October/November. tournament, eh, I’ll see what happens.

add me on psn already, jeez, lol. your sig says you play mvc3 and I love zero dittos

ointments: yeah, I want to supply pizza with the venue fee, and drinks too, and if I need to, chip in some of my money.

You really are special aren’t you?