Madwaks Crack Shack 3.05.11 Results


  1. Frankie G.
  2. KerAnata
  3. Syxx
  4. Kevin
  5. Webster
  6. Flying V
  7. Steve
  8. Sammy
  9. Heroic Legacy
  10. Xombie
  11. Sawa
  12. Cun Pai
  13. J1n
  14. Choppie Choppie


  1. Madwak
  2. Limbo
  3. Heroic Legacy
  4. Syxx
  5. Frankie G.

Arcana Heart 3

  1. NappyJin
  2. Syxx
  3. Madwak


  1. Syxx
    thats all i have lol

Again Thanks to everyone for coming out. I was amazed at the turnout for this being announced the tuesday before.

shoutout to GreenBay, and all the northern IL ppl for traveling.

shoutout to webster, nappy, and xombie for helping me with the brackets. its really sad that I STILL have trouble with brackets lol.

shoutout to Alex for being the only one in WI that knows how to properly turtle.

Shoutout to limbo, and Cody frametraps

shoutout to Frankie g for helping me with the tourney as well, for still being beast in mvc3, and for jackin my shutter shades out of my room lol.

and lastly, shoutout to FootMeetsSkull for being the true fiend at the tournament. too much chicken.

:slight_smile: !

Also shinwolve tied frankie for 5th. i thought carlos got 5th but i forgot the order that i trolled them in

i had an awesome time, thanks again for hosting

Call me Michael J Fox because I can’t stop shaking, It got better as the tourney went along especially in the finals and in casuals after but it was still pretty bad. The biggest thing I need to overcome is my body’s reaction to playing.

Special thanks to Devin for hosting this awesome tourney and for pizza

GG’s to everyone especially Frankie who showed and helped me understand a lot

And shoutouts to me getting slightly scared by the other members of the crowd during Frankie and Syxx MM, that type of hype is certainly interesting in it’s own way

Jin’s girl was arguably the most hype one in the crowd, haha. KIMOCHIIII!!!

Thanks for holding this! I learned alot! and what I need to work on!

Grats to Frankie!

Great Job Kevin only one repping Green Bay by getting 4th while me and Sawa scrubbed out.