Maeda Taison Ultra Setup

Hey Guys, I’m new to the forums, so it’s nice to finally take part to all these useful conversations about Rog’s tips and tricks!

I’ve been playing Balrog for 3 years now, and in my opinion, Maeda Taison is the best boxer I’ve ever seen, he is so damn smart, always three steps ahead of his opponent’s game!

There’s one of his “basic” setups for landing a full ultra and so far, I’ve never seen anybody mentioning it.

I hope I’m not revealing any of your top secret tricks Maeda !

This setup only concerns shoto characters, like Ryu, Ken and Akuma.

It actually consists in doing a crouch HK while your opponent’s blocking ON PURPOSE, and then as the cr.HK has a lot of recovery frames, waiting for your opponent to pull out any reversal moves (most of the time it will be a hadoken).

Right when you see “reversal” written on the side of the screen, you just pull out the ultra motion with the stick.

You don’t need to be extremely fast because refering to the “reversal” will allow you to react a little bit ahead of the move itself (reversal tends to appear just a little bit before the move is actually in motion).

Moreover, you can just keep your finger on the HK button and use the negative edge to react even faster (and I think that’s what Maeda Taison actually does).

So let’s do a recap :

You cr.HK while your opponent’s blocking and check if the reversal appears. If it does, you use negative edge to quickly pull out the ultra (ultra I that is).

Here’s an example of Maeda Taison using it against Daigo :

[media=youtube]2Sl3q0ZQCtg]YouTube - [2009-09-13[/media]

1:50 for the Super combo
2:35 for the Ultra combo. In this 2nd example, Maeda used the kara ultra because Daigo had actually responded to the bait with an Ex-hadoken that is a bit faster than normal hadoken. That way not only did he gain a few frames to pull the ultra (frames of the focus), but he also made sure his move would be 100% safe IN CASE Daigo would throw an EX-fireball.

You can at 4:00 that Maeda did the bait again, but only that time Daigo didn’t do any reversal, he just responded with a normal hadoken. Maeda probably didn’t see the reversal on the right side of the screen and therefore didn’t pull out the ULtra.

Maybe you guys were already familiar with this setup, in that case I guess it’s no harm done to insist on just how smart this bait is!

He kinda does it again at 6:17, whiffing a, Daigo throws a fireball, and then he ultras through it.

Wow i’ve never thought of that. I always thought it was simply godlike reactions to the fireball animation.

Lol i just played that guy (taison) online 4 times as my DJ and Bison and he raped me (he even PM’d me afterwards and told me to “fuck off”). Unfortunately i didn’t get to see his rog in action :frowning: But anyways, that is some amazing play indeed

I don’t think Maeda Taison has an XBL account.

And if he does, I don’t think he(a player from Japan) would be playing with somebody from New York >_>

Could be that someone is just using his name here, I dunno. He was quite good, though, and I noticed a few of the more notorious SRK members in his friends list.

It’s kinda funny IMO, there’s maybe two characters (off the top of my head) that can punish a on block and that’s fei long and cammy both with super. I’m pretty sure that’s it though. You can also use xx super for people who try to punish frame traps ending in with focus attacks or armored moves as well.

Surely Chun could too, no?

Well yeh, Chun’s super. I’m sure there are some others.

theres a few more ppl that can punish im forgetting a few but ryu can also reversal HP super balrogs sweep. Also characters like claw that have 4f moves with good range can also block punish sweep with cr. strong which is annoying as hell

oh wow that is sick I didn’t realized that is what was going on. I watched that vid years ago and didn’t realize he was waiting for reversal message on the side of the screen.

I think I know how he did it.

When you press all three punch buttons, Rog will automatically do a fierce punch. What Maeda did (I think), was to go near Ryu, crouch, press and hold all three punches like he was charging a turn punch. When the “Reversal” popped up on screen, he wiggled the joystick back and forth and released the three buttons. This triggers the ultra. I’ve tried this method before and it works.