MAG 1/26/10 Clan Hype Thread


MAG is coming 1/26/10 which is 3 days from now, yet no one is hype about this… WTF 256 player online and a persistant war being waged, multiple classes that you can level along with aesthetic options. Levels so big you cant even explore them fully, vehicles, airstrikes, helicopters and tanks, SO MUCH GOOD SHIT ON HERE.

Whoever wants to join up with sver when this drops find me so we can pound some little basterd kids, playing the beta i can tell you 2 things about this game, you can work together or die and player skill dont mean shit outside of communication.

Lets get some people together on this shit like right fucking now.

my psn id is Jarekov just put in your message MAG.


Im def hype about this game, i think the problem with it is ALOT of people were kinda turned off by the graphics from the Beta build. Hopefully the final version looks alot better, and give it alil time to catch on. Im sure folks will get tired of MW2 an drift over to MAG, i know i am!


with 256 person multiplayer fuck what the game looks like, seriously that shit is incosequential.

kinda sad no one is more excited.


If you aren’t SVER, sorry my bullets are hazardous to your health.

PSN: j-cart


for everyone who got in on the beta or the tourney there are a laundry list of changes from then to its actual release tonight.


Maybe I will get it…


meh. game is a nice casual shooter, I guess… like the mario party of shooters.


Yea but if the game looks like ps1 graphics even with 256 people it would be a pretty crappy experience…realtalk. Im HYPE for it, gonna go tonite an get my copy at midnight reguardless!


Just gave it a try, and it doesn’t hold up to what i was expecting with Zipper Interactive :(.


So was it bad or what are the MAIN drawbacks to it?


lmao, nice troll attempt


bro the servers arent even up…


Don’t expect it to be a Modern Warfare 2 killer.

  1. Respawn time is unbelievably long, ranges from 8 - 25 seconds depending if your whole team is dead or its just you.
  2. Graphically, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t hold up to your expectations with MW2. I can see that because the levels are massive and there’s so much stuff going on, it would only affect gameplay if they made it visually better. Gameplay > Graphics (They chose the right thing to do)
  3. It feels like counter-strike how the controls and levels are set. To me that doesn’t matter since I loved CS, but not for PS3.
  4. Shooting and aiming feels a little sluggish and not as smooth as it should be. The default settings for pitch and turn were set to 30% each. I set it to 70-80% and it felt fine.
  5. Sniping isn’t as fun as it should be. This game has a set health bar percentage, every time you get hit it goes down (duh). When sniping it takes more than 1 shot to the chest while the gun recoils straight up with no recovery. So once you shoot, the cross hairs jump up 2-3cm above and it stays there rather than going back down to its original position.
  6. Game will not start with only 10 people in the room. Lol

It will probably keep you entertained for a little bit till Bad Company 2 comes out. ;]

PS. friend works at ebgames/gamestop so he hooked me up with his copy before release date.


to each his own, i found all the things your talking about to be things i enjoyed, give it some time its zipper afterall they support there games and listen to there community very very well.

that being said heres a funny ass fake acheivement list i found while looking for the real one:


I agree that Zipper fully supports they community. But coming from the Socom series franchise which made them famous (Not that garbage Slant 6 crap) I just don’t feel like it can get any better without it being another repetitive game. They obviously tried to make it different from MW2 by adding in things it doesn’t have but if they do listen to the community it will just turn into another MW2 type game.


anyone who wants to add me, im going to sit at game stop now, my psn id is Jarekov and i’ll be rocking sver.

ohh and please have a mic.


Dammit Dark-Danz you might have juss made me not go get it…no lie i was puttin on my hoodie to go cop it…hmmmm im all confused now

screw it i think ima go get it, if it sux oh well shyt will get traded in for Dantes Inferno or Bioshock 2 next week…glad Tvc is out as well, least ill have 1 good thing to bank on


I recon im gona give this game a miss. I mean its all well and good having 256 people at the same time but it will just turn into huge campathon. I mean you try running from one spot to another when you have a possible 128 people that can shoot you. Graphics dont matter to me as it is pointless having a good looking game that plays like crap.

I played the beta and this game is a pure example of a game that will not live upto the hype that was generated for it. And like pain said that sniper crosshair well most of the controls really suck they would be great on a pc but not a console. Thats my 2 cents anyway.


this game is the shit… period.


Bought the game, graphics look alot better…the gameplay…well…thats another story…good concept for a gmae an the online is really solid for that many people waring it out but all in all i think the control an shooting mechanics are pretty halfassed…its like they gave up halfway through the actually targeting an shooting build.