Mag as an Anchor?

I’m wondering why you don’t really see Mag being used as an anchor often?

He seems to meet the majority of the requirements: He’s well rounded and not overly weak to any specific classes of characters, he can self combo nicely, combo off throws, isnt overly reliant on assists, zones nicely, some of the best mobility, decent variety of assists depending on what your team could use, hes more XF damage bonus than Dorm, has one of the most powerful lvl 3’s in the game w/ Gravity Squeeze (in which a XF Gravity Squeeze combo will finish any character in the game), can self OTG combo with Shockwave in to multiple hypers.

The only area he’s lacking in as an Anchor is he doesn’t have the greatest tools for chip damage in XF, but that’s less of an issue considering his strengths in all the other areas.

Is there something I’m missing as to why he isnt used as an anchor more often?

Because he’s better on-point, backed by assists and is a good battery.
That’s really the main reason. There’s no doubt he survives as an anchor and is actually pretty good, but he is, no doubt, better on-point or going 2nd.

So the question that answers your question (lol) is: Why would you use Magneto as an anchor, when you could have a better anchor, and use him on-point?

Well, that’s the thing. “Better anchor” I think is arguable, as there are many situations where he is an incredible anchor - he’s just not typically played as one.

I mean, if Spencer can be considered as many to be a strong anchor, then Mag should definitely be considered one too, no? Bionic Arm and Gravity Squeeze share many similarities to the situations they can be used (obviously with Gravity being more expensive but more damage, but you can force enemies to play safe and punish them if they dont in the same way, as well as add huge damage to ANY single hit you land), and I’d say Mag is less reliant on assists than Spencer, has a better mixup game w/o assists, and he can handle Phoenix slightly better as well.

What’s really stopping him from being able to hang with the “top anchors”?

I don’t think people really think that Spencer is a good anchor. It’s just that Combofiend has probably the best Spencer and had a great comeback using him. It’s not really Spencer its Combofiends Spencer.

Mags is never an anchor because he’s specializes in being the point character. He doesn’t have assists on the same level as Doom, Tron, or Haggar. He’s on the best for building meter. He has low health so he will probably die early on and its fine because he wont help you team with assists that much anyway. The only reason he would be considered a good anchor is because hes one of the best characters overall. Putting him in that third spot limits his usefulness.

What’s keeping him from being a top anchor, is that in a team with Magneto, you probably will not be able to find 2 character more suited to fit a 1st/2nd character position. So unless you can pick 3 Magnetos (iwish) he will never be at an optimal position as an anchor.

If you tell me a team where the 2 first characters are better 1st/2nd than magneto, I might consider him being a choice for anchor.

I actually use Mag as an anchor now with XF lvl 3 i can sweep teams in a matter of seconds, even with my scrub combos if i can launch anyone its a one combo kill (including thor with XF lvl 3) Its worked out great for me, Mags EMD assist can let wesker combo > OTG gun > Super or continue the combo with H > Relaunch and with Task you can Arrow > EMD > Super, its been a great mix so far and with him back there i can 2 combo kill anyone in the game without X factor using 2 meters. Now there is a few better choice anchors for combos, and meter building but I prefer mag as the anchor its fun to lvl 3 Xf Gravity chesse for the lulzs.

Any character can 1 combo XF lvl3 kill. Any character. That’s not a valid point to having Magneto on 3rd.

Like I said, he works as an anchor. But if he’s a A rank at Anchoring, he’s fuckin S tier at being on point.

Exactly what Kanta Kun has said.

Magneto can be a great anchor, but he gains nothing being put in that spot. You’re better off putting his talents to work up front or in the middle (if point character plays well with EMD assist) where he has a hopefully good assist to back him up.

Any character can kill one character with lv3 xfactor in one combo, but just a handful can do it as fast or faster than magneto can.

Magneto can kill any character in a couple of hits from a grab if he activates xfactor after (or even before, you name it) it, and he can easily kill Thor in XF3 without meter from a hit anywhere on the screen, simply by flying once the combo starts and repeating Dash, H until he dies you can stack about 1.3 kk damage in one flight activation doing this.

Anyway, Magneto is just as deadly on point, because he has one of the best (if not THE best) DHC glitch activation, I mean, he can do like 600k damage by himself while he gets his opponent to the corner and fills two entire bars for the DHC glitch…

Magnus is a complete character, he’s just that good. He’s surely one of top 10 anchors in the game and you still have no reason to use him like this because he’s just better on point.

You’re not missing anything. People are just comfortable with him on point using the assists they like.