Mag/Cable/Sent A aka team row is it overrated

I think team row is a great team but to me it has alot of counters it must face honestly I would rather start sent on team row(sent/cable/mags.
These are hard match ups for team row assuming they start mags Imo.
sent/strider/doom(I would love to see someone TRY to beat clockwork with team row starting mags in a 2 out of 3).
mss A

Starting sent has the same bad match ups but it does better than starting mags the only team I see it beating if sent is started it spiral/sent/capcom.

Team row is great but imo its starting to fade away a little
these are the people I think use team row the best.

Rodolfo castro
Justin wong

This is just my opinion people post yours

I’m actually going to somewhat agree with you sanford. There are 3 things that can really kill team Row

  1. Runaway
  2. Lockdown
  3. High priority assists

To be able to use team row effectively, you also have to know how to deal with those 3 things. Team Row overall is balanced and a safe bet in that you have 3 good characters, all of which work well together in just about any combination. It’s just that every combination available has VERY obvious weaknesses, however few they may be. So if you want to pick team row, make sure you’re fighting an opponent who can’t effectively utilize any of those 3 tactics. Or at least have a gameplan against each one.

Is team Row good for someone relearning marvel again?

I think the reason team row is not that good anymore is because CABLE is not cuting it these days justin wong is thinking about giving up team row because CABLES on it
:bluu: .

does that mean he’s gonna bust out Magneto/Cyclops/Sent-a?

HaHa naw I just wanted to see what ppl would say if I said cyclops is better than cable im no cyclops player.

god damn now cable is gettin hated on.:frowning:

first its blackheart, then cable.

spiral and doom disappeared from the scene for a while now.

just watch two more years later, storm and sentinel will be the only characters left worth using.

i think i saw a movie on denjinvideo of Soo beating Clockwork with team Row

People play that team?

Yeah, I used to play team row, but after getting destroyed by running Storms, and a number of Cyclops/ Commandos/ Psylocks, I decided that there WERE just too many counters. It really has almost no defense against a running Storm. It IS a good team, but I came to the conclusion that it can be easily beaten as well.

MSP 4 life.:lol:

Ask anyone down here… I’ve started playing Mag/Sent-a/Cyclops as the “new” team Row :smiley: I like that team a lot.

Row is good on chemistry, but i agree w/ the counters listed.
It’s because their assists are really handicapped IMO, Cable ** lacks some invincibility and Sentinel[a] can get stuffed by allot of AAA’s. Although i still see it as a top winning team, but not as highly as MSP, or santhrax.

I think Magneto/Sentinel[y]/Doom** > ROW

all u have to do is play smart. capitalize on mistakes and have perfect execution. no fuk ups either…(i don’t follow these advices)

Actually Soo beat clockwOrk using Row, i think it’s in denjin.
I have only seen 3 vids where Row was being used, and apperently one every single one.

:bluu: There’s no good S/D vids anymore?

I don’t know about this. Row does have alot of counters but I only think that’s true because there is no assist charcter. Yes cable’s anti-air has it’s uses and so does Sents. But since I have to play those characters I don’t feel right using them as assists. I think of Row as a team for more advanced players due to the the fact that all characters are playable.

my two pennies ;[

i think team row is good but not as good as it use to be because of the fact cable sucks and runaway storm wins easily against team row

everybody should stop using cable

and yes mag/sent/ cycke is hella good.

What the hell? You’re contradicting yourself… :smiley:

But you’re right that Cable isn’t as good now as he used to be. Team Row is a pretty solid team at first glance. Three very playable characters with solid assists to back them up. But they just have too many critical weaknesses that just tear the team apart. Anyone remember back when Row reversed his team (Sent/Cable/Mag)? Just curious.

If you don’t give strider or sentinel breathing room with magneto, then row can fuck shit up.

Well, Team Row only works at a high level if your Cable can defend himself from the rush. Justin’s can’t. Quite frankly, he looks downright lost when he tries it. Not hating against Justin, he’s hardly alone on this, and outside of the Northwest you won’t find many Cables able to do it at all… but it can be done, and a large reason for why Team Row is that much more popular up here than it is in the rest of the country is simple… Cable does not lose to Magneto for free here.

Most anywhere else (including in the game film between Justin and yourself), MSP in particular can snap in a Team Row’s Cable and fuck the whole team up from there. Against Row himself, or someone with a Cable approaching his level, that just doesn’t work. In fact, I actually had this conversation with Row earlier today. He hadn’t seen the game film of your latest marathon match with Justin, but when I told him that you were tearing Justin’s version of his team apart by simply snapping in Cable, Row actually seemed rather shocked that that actually works on Justin. It wouldn’t work on Row. Kuan can beat Row with MSP, but he’s not doing it by exploiting any perceived weaknesses on Cable’s part against the rush, because in Row’s case, those “weaknesses” simply do not exist.

Oh, and samB’s saying that Cable/Sent/Cyke is hella good because he loses to mine for free regardless of what he’s using. :smiley:

I think it’s just as simple as using Cable effectivley and playing that RP assist well.IMO If a person can play a really good Cable then they can hold their team row together well.