Mag infinite help not rom

Can someone tell me what the trick is to sjc Mags standing hk before the second one comes out I try but I’m struggling with it I barely get it. Heres an example of the infinite I’m trying to do: [COLOR=#000000][/COLOR] from 6:47-6:58. Also I cant get the Standing lp to connect after the sj.lp how do I get it to combo? I posted here because there’s rarely anyone on these forums and I don’t think that anyone would check the mag thread

To get the to sjc you’ve got to let the stick go back to neutral in between inputting the hk and trying to superjump. There’s no trick to it… just gotta get the timing proper.

Two things:

  1. Why are you trying this infinite? It’s not practical.
  2. You need to hit down and up after the first kick actually hits. You can’t hit down before or while it’s hitting. It’s really hard and tight.