Mag/Psylocke AV Request

Is neone willing to make me a animated Av wit Mag and Psy, if u could i would like to have mag doing his winning pose wen he takes off his helmet and his hand glows, i would like that and his hands to glow like they do in the game, and wit Psy, i would like to have her winning pose wen she is waving her hand, and have her hand move like it does wen she wins, and one last thing if its not too much trouble i would want to have them facing each other, i no im askin 4 much, but i would appreciate it very much


Whatup, I’m da same guy who did yo’ current av. I’ll give it uh shot, if ya wants. Check back here later today/tomorrow.

sup yo! go for it homie! i just dont wanna feel like i want another Av cause i dont like dis one, i just wanna another one so i can switch dem around, u feel me?

Hey, what’s up man? I finally got your new av done. Sorry it took so long, I wasn’t able to get to my comp for a while. Anyway, let me know what you think. Hit me up on aim again sometime, I should be on more for a while, I wanted to hear about that tourny the other day:)