Mag Sent Cyke, Piece of shit team?

Yes or no, and why.

same as storm/sent/cyke but better cuz mags is cheap, but storm can run away. pretty even

its good, team xecutioner
hella fun and good team.

might have cable problems.

Is it using Sent on proj or ground? I like it better on proj but thats me and ya its fairly decent. I dont know Pott, u know Storm/Sent got that GGPO DHC lolz…

its ground, just heard it was a piece of shit team btw, just wanted to see what yall think. thx for info pazzle

i don’t like rocket punch assist… drones works well with both mag and cyke, so i’d pick that over relying on random shit to hit to do major damage. Team is about patience and cunning(aka cumming). In close matches, team is reliable unlike capcom assist. But mag/cyke is ugly as hell and not fun to watch, but whateva wins.

wait robust = potter?


Oh shit it’s psyduck :D:D:D

whoever said tha team is garbage tgey need to STFU. on paper thats the best team in maarvel to me but isnt . mag= fast fuker w/ cyke is hella good. sent = broken robot w/cyke is bout as good as sent/cap. cyke can fight so overall tha team is tight.

mag/drones ughhhhhh

rocket punch assist is for gangstas; them fools would be like, “hey, this nakka can fuckin stunt!”

back to the topic:

Yes, it is a great team. Mag/Cyke is pretty good as it is, and Sent/Cyke is like a more offensive version of Sent/Cap. If it is w/ drones, then it gives Magneto some sick reset priorities w/ grabs.


launch, hk, addf, lk, mk, land, tri jump lk, mk, land, d.s. lp, s. hk call out drones, sj, df, hk grab, land drones hits opponent, d.s. hk, hyper grav xx tempest (and just pray to God they don’t mash out)


that combo is bunk

lol wtf

The way Dios -x- uses this team makes it a piece of shit team. Random hypergrav tempests, nothing more and on pad. Way to instigate Ernesto :tup: :clap: Instead of spending all of your money and time on video games you need to spend it on… damn the list is too long

Please list it, and also, anyone could fall for random hypergrab tempest in your face, its too fast, and takes 1/2 your health, you barely have time to mash out of it then doing pop up into magic series and then tempest, that shit just doesnt work anymore. Bottom line, its not a piece of shit team.

U gotta do some damage early on in the fight to win with that team consistently. It def works better with drones. A patient Cyke can hold his own with drones, build meter, and get mags/ sent back in safely after they get life back. But a good storm is still a nightmare for this team. It can’t do shit against safe runaway storm…except chase her and get random LAxxLS :xeye:

Runaway storm… mag should have 3+ meters for cyke in no time… sj up… MOB… inertia carries him up… full screen of beam floating to the top of the screen, she eats some hardcore chip and can’t retaliate with shit, do it once or twice and she’ll stop running… heh. Gotta be smart about it of course… nothing is free.

Cyke > storm imo, at least the way i play, turtle with cyke FP and drones and itll piss off most people

Ummm yea…like I said…a good storm is still a nightmare for this team. It’s not likely that cyke is gonna bring his team back if storm already put a hurtin on mag/ sent, especially if she has a good AA and sent coming in next…which is the case most of the time.

Sry guys, but since the ecc10 thread got closed, i guess i’ll ask here. Is MvC2 going to be played on cabinet or console? Thx, sry for the trouble.

let’s share a game of mst =)