Mag-Stik Plus in MVC2 FightStick

I recently bought the MadCatz MVC2 TE FightStick and I plan to use it with MAME in addition to SF4. Has anyone tried to put one of these in it (the Mag-Stik Plus at the top):

This is probably a far-fetched idea, but it would be better for MAME. Just thought I’d ask if it were possible without extreme modification.:confused:

I may be wrong on this, but when I researched the magstick it seems that its great for shmups due to really small deadzone. As for fighters I read that it takes a lot of effort to engage and that the diagonals are difficult to hit at times. It seems like a cool idea.
As for installing into your te it fits like a happ stick so its going to take some modification.
I hope this helps a little.

Hmm, yeah that definitely does help. I guess this is something to think about. A regular Sanwa/Seimitsu can’t be THAT bad with shmups right? Even with an octagon gate? It would be different but I’m sure I could get used to it.

Anyways, thanks for your reply.

The Seimitsu LS-32 is the stick installed in Japanese shmup cabinets. It is definitely not a bad stick for shmups. :lol: I personally prefer the LS-40 which is a similar stick. Check out this thread.

2nd the ls32 or ls40

I third the LS-32 or LS-40. Maybe try an LS-36? :wink:

Another joystick that’s GREAT for SHMUPs is a Suzo Inductive, but those are almost as impossible to find as the old school Wico/Happ Perfect 360s or the Sanwa JLHS-8Y FLASH 1 joystick. However, if you’re looking for a balance for both fighting games and SHMUPs, the LS-32 is definitely the way to go if you ask me. Perfect balance of short engage distance, spring tension, and throw.

The LS-32 sounds really good for me. I really want more of the ‘feel’ of an American stick and I’ve been thinking about getting an octo gate, but your LS-32 mod seems to fit the bill.

What is everyone’s opinion on an LS-56 w/ octo gate, or a circular gate?

BTW, it sucks that to set it to 4-way or 8-way you have to open up your arcade stick and adjust the restrictor. Can’t there be an easier way??:bluu:

to be honest I have been curious about an ls 56 with octo gate as well… been wanting to get a wii fightstick for tatsunoko…fun game just cant decide what kind of stick to use…I feel the jlf would be too loose, and I want to try something different than an ls 32.

Totally. I’ll probably just do the LS-36 mod, then later on try out an LS-56 w/octo. Although maybe round would be better? I tend to ride the edges, and feeling the corners is just weird to me.

Also, dumb question, but don’t American-style sticks have a circular feel? I mean they are 8-way, but the feel is circular as you don’t feel any corners. Either way, I think narrowing it down to two sticks is really great progress in a day!:bgrin:

I have an LS-56 with octo and love it. It’s the only Japanese stick I have in which I prefer the round-circular gate option. It has a very tight feel and the octo on it doesn’t increase throw the way it does on JLF.