Mag-stik-plus questions


I just seen this American joystick that uses a magnet instead of a spring and can change from 4 way to 8 way from the top of the joystick. There’s not much more information about it so I’d like to hear if anyone has tried this joystick out.

I’m curious to how it handles in comparison to Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks. Also was wondering if the mounting is the same as the jlf? Any feedback on this would be appreciated.


This cannot be mounted the same way as a JLF, or any Japanese style stick.


American joysticks handle nothing like Japanese Joysticks

Also they mount very differently from each other.


check the arcadecontrol forums a lot of arcade enthusiast swear by mag stiks theres probably some kowal mag stik info floating around here.



Did more reearch on this it’s a very stuff arcade stick, it can be upgraded with softer microswiches and the metal washer inside can be replaced with different gage mental washer to make it more responsive. I was more curious than anything. Thank u for your feedback. Might take this on as a fun project to build a American style arcade stick.


I can imagine how nice these feel on marvel cabs. maybe I’ll get one too later on for old man games. also 60 is way too much for a mag stik


I found other sites selling them way cheaper but still getting robbed in shipping fees!


Canada problems eh?


something lol. I’m to tired to look up the location of the site were I seen it for 35$. There dinging me for 16$ in shipping and only do dhl.


Not sure if the 4 to 8 way switching is 100% necessary, I guess it depends on the games you wanna play.

If you don’t need that feature, but still want to try a mag stick, PAS has a similar one for ~ $25.


That looks like it would work perfect. I’m thinking of doing a ps360 build so I can play on my softmodded Xbox. This one from paradise has 4 to 8 way so that’s idea for me. Its not to big deal if I have to open the case to switch from 4 to 8 way but it would be ideal to be able to switch it from the top.