Mag/Storm unmashables

This is probably old hat:

Corner ground hk throw into s.lp+Storm (one hit) xx MT - works on Cable, Capcom, Psylocke, Cyke, etc., pretty tough on Magneto, pretty much impossible on Storm

ROM into corner (put them low), land, s.lp+Storm xx MT
ROM into corner (put them low), land, s.lp+Storm HG xx MT (exceedingly hard to mash and gets you more hits than the previous setup) - both of these work on Storm, Psylocke, Capcom, NOT Cable, maybe Mag

well hell ill bring this thread from the dead. what makes hyper gravs harder to mash out of to be considered unmashable?

The faster they get hit after being captured by HG, the harder it is to mash out. I haven’t done it in a long time but that last combo, I think, has the Typhoon hit them almost immediately after they get grabbed, and then the rocks combo from the Typhoon’s hit stun.

EDIT: No, the HG actually grabs them right after they bounce off the Typhoon. In any case, there’s very little time to mash out, and you can usually juggle them afterward with if you haven’t already done so in the combo.

oh ok and damn i wasnt expecting an answer that fast. good shit.