Mag vs Cable/AAA

I have alot of trouble with these cable/capcom,cyclops or psylocke using magneto. when that capcom comes out i wanna go air combo him but that cable keeps do viper beam then i dash in he jumps away call assist repeat.I try sj dashing in with lks call psylocke but its always block.Can any1 share sum ideas on sum good method of beating this combo. thx:)

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Just snapback!!!snapback
Don’t be so aggresive. kill his assist.

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hmmm i dont think i can snapback if i cant even get close to cable. when i do try to kill the assist he will just super on me

just keep on top of him… and jus do SJ dash forward alot until you get closer to him… just pressure cable and eventually you will get a hold of him… dont do reckless tri jumps… tri jump when your at the right position or very near him… hope it helps!

if your oponent has cable as his main player, just keep pressuring him. do some damage. if your magz loves to rape, its not really easy when the cable player is really gay. just build some meter and damage cable a bit (but if you have the chance to kill him, then do it.) if you can’t, tag in your cable. don’t tag in when you have like 10% of your life bar. do it whe he least expects it. as much as possible don’t let any of your characters die. if its a long match, that would really help.

:confused: :confused: what kind of advice is random tag-in. why not just cahvb?

Tag ins beat Cable s.fp.

except if cable got an assist out along with that s.fp. any good cable wouldn’t do a random s.fp without an assist. most s.fp is accompanied by sent drones.

if you want to tag in another player just tag when he is about to SJ… just study his movements… almost all cable players have paterns they usually do! (i guess) hehehe…:rolleyes: :rolleyes: just rape his ass… whats the use of magz speed, just use it properly…

Preasure him with tri jump hks, and rushing If you hit once, just rom into snapback and kill the assist.

aite thx guys tho i can do everything but ROM :frowning:

ROM- launched sj hk addf lk lk sj lk lk…inf.
practice it…

i advice 2 u is be calm when playin against cable/capcom.
crossover counter, rushdown,snapback and patient…

peace bro…:lame:

I use a D-pad and i find it very hard to do the addf lk but joystick i can use the slide method and do it much more easier. Well maybe this is a bit off topic:confused:

its e Z for me. just use ur indeX n Middle finger, set the controller on ur knee and ROM away. :smiley: ::Back on TopiIK:: All you do is dash past him when he jumps (be sure to evade his capcom or senT or w/e) N land on the other side(uuhh crossuP) then ROM to snapback.:stuck_out_tongue:

Listen wat u should be doing is wavedashing to him stop wait for him to call his assist then (if he dont have meter) counter his assist wit urs.if he has meter try a triple fierce combo on his assist (if u think u can get away wit it). If not just leave the assist alone and go at cable wit some rush patterns tri-jump HK/lk,lk mix it up alot try to confuse him into making a mistake and capitalize on it! Also after u do ur rush patterns go in for a grab then otg blah blah blah so u should be doing something like this- tri-jump HK/lk,lk land then dash forward + lp/lk (to keep them in blockstun) then RH grab. BTW ur main goal is to force cable to the corner. Well thats it hope this helped guys if i left anything out fill the blanks…=D LATERZ…