Mag vs cable +cammando

could someone tell me what is the quickest way to get cable without getting hit bu cammando because when i rush down i usually get hit by capcom. should i get to him by air or ground but i cant seem to get in

thanx if you could help me out

hey you

jst playin patiently against cable,capcom…
rush down is his weakness. snapback then kill his assist.

dont’ listen to jeff, thanks. rushdown is a weakness, but you have to catch him first


try using an assist that will hold them down, such as storm’s projectile, or sentinel’s ground. that will give you enough time where u can zone in on cable. once u have him cornered, you’re looking for that first hit. once u get it u want to snap commando in, as jeff said. kill him off quickly, because u don’t want to have to risk him going back out. once he’s gone, cable shouldn’t be a problem, depending on what assists you have, and how many levels he has. if u have no assists, and he has 3 levels, PLAY CAREFULLY… one hit from him, and ur dead. if he has 1 level and u have 2 assists, don’t worry so much.

the reason why i say u should kill commando first… alot of people, even top players, get hit by commando on rushdown… so it’s like, why bother trying, just get commando out of the picture.

as for fighting cable… watch the scimitars… and avoid grenades, if u can do that, and lock him down with ur assists, you should be good to go… the only other thing i can think about is try to kill him quickly… like, if he puts cable second, kill his first guy, or snap him, guard break cable, and finish him early. you’ll have less problems to deal with

how is mag gonna snap back and kill a commando when cable is behind with ahvb *3 and a full sentinal ready to come in?

one mistake and your dead try pickin mag, doom and storm

where did he say anything about a sentinel? he was saying how he gets hit my commando’s assist, so i said snap him in, and kill him off, now a cable is alot less deadly than a runaway cable that can build meters… even if he keeps cable on, one wrong move with his rushdown, and u probably already built up enough meters for cable by rom…

magz vs cab,iceman,capcom

>this ice man has a big damage and stop your rushing attck.

>magz can’t do nothin but to snapback.

>i hate this team. bcoz cable very gay.

what if i use msp and i want to get in and try to combo him with psylocke assist, or should i just use storm cause i know alot of psylocke user die rather fast

one more question you know when you hold back with psy she does the kick and when you tap forward you do a little dash but if you are close enough you can cross over right, but what i heard that when you cross over and do a qcf k it cant be blocked.
is it true.

i dont want to try it out since everyone always plays serious and i dont have the pad at home so i cant try anything actually.

  1. Rush in defensivly.
  2. Bait out and avoid assist.
  3. RTSD.
  4. Rinse repeat.

counter assisting is the key but attack cable at the same time so he wont get off 3 THAVB

DONT call psy unless its after a short short or if ur near cable and capcom is already on the screen. Other than that its too dangerous cuz it’ll be hard to protect her. Jeff was right, you do gotta be patient. Wreckless trijumping and sj. airdash fierces makes it easy to lose to commando.

Not good enough

Ok! snapbacks are cool if u can pull them off
But if ur not good enough to get a snap back in on a combo
and have to fight cab/com/sent my best advice is to stay on cab and sent.(cause if u give cab too much space he’ll set u up for traps and keep out of the air. Being patient is good but cable can be more patient especialy against mag.Chances are u’ll fuck up before he does.) Once u have either one in the corner murder’em

Not good enough

What I meant was being patient by picking your shots and angles for attack. And just because cable is a turtle character doesnt mean he’s being patient. At times cables will make mistakes cuz they might try too hard to anticpate ur next move with grenades, or protect an area of the screen with an assist or whatever. Whatever the case, u gotta be able to press your way opening but patient enough to see if its going to close up before you get a chance to attack. That way you avoid getting hit by a greande, capcom, drones, or the almighty s.rh. Anyways this is MARVEL so there’s no way to explain all the dynamics of a match through text.

Not good enough

clk, clp, snap is something that requires you to be good?

best bet to fight cable/sent/commando is to get commando out of the way, so cable’s run is tampered and sent loses easy fast fly combos (he still has cable ones, but they’re not as strong), then get rid of sent… now cable is solo. if u still have ur team, it shouldn’tbe a problem to tear his ass down.

Doing snaps backs does not require you to be good , but i’ve noticed snap backs don’t come to mind with alot of players.
(well I guess this is kinda pointless for me to argue,but judging form bullet-heads post he came off as one of those players.)

huh you know your right. that thought just occured to me when i read it. but the only time i snap back a character is only when both characters of the opponent gets hit by psy’s assist and i get the assist character in the air that is the only time i really do it like that i rarely snap back one character to get out his capcom.

ey man thanx alot for pointing that out

if you got mag , never stay far away from cable or sent, always rush them down