Mag vs. Strider/Doom

So basically, Doom:Srider/Sent/Doom as Psy:MsP? Well, not exactly a good analogy, but it’s like that? B/c I’ve seen people who are killer with Mag/Storm on point get whomped b/c Psy was not there. Also, what about Sent? He’s like the unstoppable patriarch of Strider Doom teams, and I cant stop him from getting enough meter for the trap. I’ve tried killing him, but I usually take quite a lickin my self, and then it’s my 40-50% Mag and Storm/Psy against a full Strider and Doom with at least 3 bar.

As an assist, psylocke doesn’t work much better than any other assists versus strider/doom. However, if you can cancel her in and then super to storm, she will definitely start to pull her weight vs. that team.

I have only played against a few master S/D traps and there are three things that help me the most. An extremely well timed Ken AA, a well timed quick beam assist like Cyclops § and using Dhalsim or Spiral on point. I can runaway better with Dhalsim but it is so hard to find spots to catch an agressive S/D off gaurd that i ussually lose patients and make a mistake. With Spiral there is at least a chance of chipping an overly aggressive Strider esspecially if he tries to out telelport you. But you have to know your teleports well, and not give away any patterns like throwing knives forward aggressively. I have the best luck by trying to manage the whole center of the screen with Spiral, it is easier to make Strider screw up and eat a few QCF+lk after calling knives and jumping or teleporting, then immediately QCB+hk and call knives and repeat. IMO this is one of Spirals most reliable techniques because it happens quicker then most are prepared for and if you master this cycle it will really make most people try to get you where they think you are most vulnerable which is in and out of teleports, which happnes to be something that you completely control. I have eaten alot of aggressive tactics and strategies up like S/D by simply being a couple steps ahead with well placed teleports, but like i said i have only played a few really good S/D so mabey i am talking out of my ass. Lets hope not.

Naw, its EXTREMELY hard to do the trap without holes. But you’re right about the patience thing. Main reason the trap fucks peole up is cuz they get impatient and pushblock like crazy, then get hit by crossup teleports and misblocked falls.

So, in that case, what holes should I be looking for? When I’m stuck in the trap, and see a hole, I try to get out and get hit by a stray rock, thus back into the trap I go. What are some things to look for when attempting an escape?

Another question, you know how you can pushblock AHVB w/ Cable? Well, I was wonderin that if you could do that, could I possibly call an assist during that broken blockstun period? Which would in essence mean I could push xx call an assist. Which would lead to a balancing of S/D’s power via Push xx call an invincible AAA ( say, Ken?:cool: ). Is this pushblock thing possible? This may revolutionize they way S/D is played, so think carefully ladies and gents…

or, maybe a CounterxxHeadCrush? What do you think?

Because of the way AHVB hits you (that is, constant hits) you can not use guard canceling to escape an in-progress AHVB.

If you want to see this for yourself, have a friend AHVB you, block the first hit, pushblock, and then let go of the joystick. As long as he keeps the AHVB on you, you will block until the move is complete. I think.

If you pushblock S/D, Strider teleports onto you, your guard breaks eventually and Strider gets hella meter. Nice.

If you pushblock AHVBs, either nothing will happen, or your guard will just stop and you’ll eat it. Good stuff.

Umm…well solid S/D’s usually can keep the holes covered until strider is out of range of your AAA (if u dont know what i mean, pm me or aim). IMO the best way to disrupt the trap to pushblocking when strider’s orbs timer is almost out. That’s about the time when strider has to call doom anyways if he wants to continue the trap, and if u pushblock you open the possibility of him calling doom after the push, and thus doom will be too far. Then look for a chance to jump out, or to call ur assist and use them for a shield THEN jump out…whatever. OR if you mastered the timing for guard cancelling you can pushblockin the strider when he’s locking you down with orbs (when doom’s not on the screen) then superjump out (even if rings are coming at you you can still jump out). Strider can stop this by teleporting but he has to do it fast.

Also, even if you don’t get the chance to superjump out, try to jump. It wont get u out but I like to do it cuz if strider pins you in the air you dont have to worry about his teleport->high/low game. And as soon as your feet touch the ground you can call your assist and use them as a shield.

You mean if your blocking strider/doom can you pushblock, wait to your guard stops, call an assist, then resume blocking? If thats what you mean then yea you can I’ve tried it…usually 1) I get crossed up by teleport during the brief period when I stop blocking 2) Hit by rings, therefore my assist comes onto the screen and does nothing 3) It’ll work right, but my assist wont attack cuz they’ll get hit by orbs.

I havent been too successful with it. But I suck so…

It’d be hard to time it cuz rocks would go through Jugg’s super armor. Orbs too (not as fast as rocks tho)…so the headcrush would stop early

Is psy assist is good for strider/doom duo???

>thx men…ryt this is the hardest match aside from scrubs…

Ummm…if your gonna use an AAA I’d go with capcom or cyke (cyke works better against good players imo cuz people are learning how to avoid commando).